During pregnancy, women must also consider what activities should not be done during pregnancy, besides the foods that should be avoided during pregnancy, which is also important. Because the fetus will definitely get the impact of the mother’s activities daily. So, activities that should be avoided for example are the following:

Pregnant woman
Pregnant woman
  • Do not smoke. This activity can transmit nicotine, and can even cause cancer in babies. In addition, smoking can increase the risk of miscarriage, premature birth and infant mortality at birth.
  • Do not create a home with the conditions there are many toxic substances, whether intentionally or not. The most common example is the wall paint, insecticides (eg mosquito spraying), and also clean the house with cleaning materials in the form of lead.
  • Pregnant women should not use drugs carelessly. Some drugs have been known that pregnant women should not be consumed at all. Because these drugs can cause a reaction that could endanger the pregnancy. Ask your doctor’s instructions for medication use, although the drug is medicines that are sold freely on the market.
  • Avoid to clean pet cages, such as kennels or cat cages. Risks that could happen is toxoplasmosis, which can harm the fetus.
  • Do not shower or bath with hot water, for example by doing a sauna. Due to high temperatures, can damage the fetus, and also can make the pregnant woman became unconscious.
  • Avoid using cleaning products femininity. Pregnant women should avoid sprays or cleaning fluids. Because of the possibility, could affect the condition of femininity, which can lead to bladder tract infection, or fungal infection.
  • Try as much as possible not to do X-ray. If a pregnant woman should perform diagnostic tests, or dental examination with X-ray, They should consult with their doctor first, so be more careful in the process.
  • Pregnant women are forbidden to lift weights or heavy items. Because it can cause pressure on the back which is very risky. However, if the back muscles felt weak and had a big stomach, then immediately ask for help of other people.
  • Avoid hair coloring. The risk is that, can lead to neuroblastoma, which is one type of cancer that usually occurs in children. In addition there is a special dye, which when in contact with the skin will be absorbed, and carried by the blood vessels. It is risky for the fetus.

Those are some examples of activities that should be avoided by pregnant women.


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      Someday I will have some kids and need this healthy tips

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    Nice post. My wife is pregnant today. I hope your tips is useful and my child will healthy.

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