List of basketball players with the highest salaries in the world, of course, was in the NBA. Understand it, because the NBA is the basketball competition of the world’s most grand. NBA player salary is very high in average, reaching millions of dollars per season. If you are interested in knowing the data of NBA player with the highest salaries for 2010/2011 season, here are the top 10 of them.

1. Kobe Bryant
Team: Los Angeles Lakers
Salary per season: $ 24,806,250

Kobe Bryant, highest salary player
Kobe Bryant

2. Rashard Lewis
Team: Orlando Magic
Salary per season: $ 19,573,511

Rashard Lewis, highest salary player
Rashard Lewis

3. Tim Duncan
Team: San Antonio Spurs
Salary per season: $ 18,835,381

Tim Duncan, highest salary player
Tim Duncan

4. Kevin Garnett
Team: Boston Celtics
Salary per season: $ 18,832,044

Kevin Garnett, highest salary player
Kevin Garnett

5. Michael Redd
Team: Milwaukee Bucks
Salary per season: $ 18,300,000

Michael Redd, highest salary player
Michael Redd

6. Pau Gasol
Team: Los Angeles Lakers
Salary per season: $ 17,823,000

7. Gilbert Arenas
Team: Washington Wizards
Salary per season: $ 17,730,694

8. Yao Ming
Team: Houston Rockets
Salary per season: $ 17,686,100

9. Zach Randolph
Team: Memphis Grizzlies
Salary per season: $ 17,666,666

10. Vince Carter
Team: Orlando Magic
Salary per season: $ 17,522,375

That’s the top 10 NBA basketball player with the highest salary for the years 2010-2011. But do not think their pay is due to just a chance, because of their basketball playing is also very great. It’s natural if they are paid very expensive in the NBA.


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