Homemade Spa
Homemade Spa

How to create your own spa at home is actually quite easy. Anyway there are some advantages if you can do these spas independently. The first is of course you can adjust the schedule or in accordance with your spare time, without waiting queue like in the salon. Another advantage is that we can determine for the materials required in accordance with what we need. Also home made spa can cut costs, because it is relatively cheaper. Here are the items that you need for homemade spa.


The first step is the spa that you should do is shed the dead skin cells on your skin. The way it could be done by using the scrub of natural materials. Flatten scrub on the body, hands, feet, elbows and other body parts. After that give the movement in the skin, so that dirt and dead skin cells on the skin can be eroded.

Relaxing oil, bath oil and bath salts

Bath oil
Bath oil samples

Apply the oil on relaxing your body parts are equally tired, like when you wear body lotion, while massage evenly, so that blood flow to be smooth. As for body parts that are difficult to reach by hand, for example in the back, use the massagers tool to achieve your back area. Massage gently and feel the sensation.

After that, prepare warm water in the bath up. If you do not have a bath up, you can use a large bucket as an alternative. Pour the bath oil that has the same fragrance with relaxing oils. Continue to soak in the bath up. In addition you can also add salt bath, so that the dirt on the body can be lost completely.


Using mask
Using mask

Use a mask to your liking or as usual you use. Masks can be derived from packaging masks from natural materials that are sold in the market, or you can also use kitchen ingredients as a mask. For example mask tomatoes or eggs.


After all stages of the spa on top of your already doing, continue with the bath as usual using a soap containing a moisturizer to keep your skin moisture. After that use the body lotion which has a delicate aroma and soothing the mind.

Using Deodorant

The last step is also important is to maintain the freshness of the body after a spa. The trick is to use a deodorant that contains natural ingredients.

Once you make a spa as above, your body will feel refreshed so you will be eager to indulge again. Hopefully the tips to create a homemade spa above can help you.


  1. Elba Right

    I am always like spa. For my beauty 😉

  2. Reena Mcrary

    Absolutely agree
    Home spa must be cheaper I think

  3. Idana Flaslac

    I wanna make my own spa someday. Usually I spent a lot of money for spa.

  4. Sophia Showes

    Awesome post! Spa at home is cheaper and better. I will keep an on eye on your blog.

  5. McAllen

    Homemade Spa? Nice idea… cheaper and make us more satisfied, of course.

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