ESKIMOS, and their chlotes
Eskimos, and their chlotes

Eskimo tribe was in a cold nature, wild and unfriendly. State that reflects the conditions and weather in the north pole. Despite the extreme conditions, where it remains a comfortable residence for the Eskimo tribes, and most of them are reluctant to move to another area that is warmer. They can blend in and survive despite having to fight the cold weather that reached -43 degrees Celsius to -26 degrees Celsius. And they should avoid the wild animal attacks. What makes it so great Eskimo tribe, and how do they survive?

Eskimos have a distinctive physical characteristics. Ie they have light brown skin color, straight black hair, dark eyes, and face width with high cheekbones. Eskimos living in several regions of the world’s coldest near the Arctic circle, the north pole.

Eskimo tribe is divided into two types. There are types of the Inuit, who came from Canada, Greenland and Siberia. There is also Yup’ik tribe who came from Alaska. Both tribes are based in the north pole. While the language used, basically almost the same for all regions in the Eskimo.

Although they have different types of tribes, but they are almost the same way of life. Start looking for food, to build a shelter, they have the same culture. To meet the needs of food, Eskimo tribes choose to live by hunting. Animals are hunted in general is a bear pole, foxes, sea lions, and caribou. In addition, fishing is also an activity they find food.

Eskimo people live generally roam and migrate. In general, the Eskimos have two kinds of houses, the house summer and winter homes. In the summer, the Eskimos built a tent made of animal skin. Tent known as the tipi. A tipi tent can accommodate 3-6 people.

ESKIMOS, modern village
Eskimos village

When winter came they built a house iglo. The house was made of ice blocks, built over the snow, and formed a hemispheric dome. Houses the Eskimos in the form of this iglo already very famous. Iglo built by some groups of Eskimos, for as temporary shelter while they are traveling or hunting.

Eskimos using animal skins as their clothes. Their favorite clothing made of caribou skin, because it feels warm and lightweight to wear. Model the clothes are quite varied from one area to another area. However, all these garments have the same combination, which has a hood for heating the head.


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