Actually there are several different versions of the bridge whether which is the longest bridge in the world. There are some who say that the Bang Na Expressway in Thailand is the longest bridge in the world. However, because most of the bridge part length above the ground, then there are some parties who do not agree if the bridge is called the longest bridge in the world. Their reason is that it is more accurately called the viaduct, not bridges.

Therefore, the following is the longest bridge in the world that based on the second version. That is most of bridge part buildings above the water, not above the ground. This is a list of 10 longest bridge in the world.

1. Lake Pontchartrain Causeway
Length: 38,420 meters.
Location: Louisiana, New Orleans, United States.

Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, longest bridge
Lake Pontchartrain Causeway

2. Donghai Bridge
Length: 32,500 meters.
Location: Shanghai, China.

Donghai Bridge, one of longest bridge
Donghai Bridge

3. King Fahd Causeway
Length: 25,300 meters.
Location: Saudia Arabia-Bahrain.

King Fahd Causeway, one of longest bridge
King Fahd Causeway

4. Chesapeake Bay Bridge
Length: 24,140 meters.
Location: Bay Chesepake, Maryland, USA.

Chesapeake Bay Bridge, one of longest bridge
Chesapeake Bay Bridge

5. Vasco da Gama Bridge
Length: 17,200 meters.
Location: Lisbon, Portugal.

Vasco da Gama Bridge, one of longest bridge
Vasco da Gama Bridge

6. Penang Bridge
Length: 13,500 meters.
Location: Penang, Malaysia.

Penang Bridge, one of longest bridge
Penang Bridge

7. Rio Bridge
Length: 13,290 meters.
Location: Rio de Janiero, Niteroi, Brazil

8. Union Bridge
Length: 12,900 meters.
Location: Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Canada.

9. San Mateo Bridge
Length: 11,265 meters.
Location: Gulf of California, San Francisco, USA.

10. Seven Mile Bridge
Length: 10,887 meters.
Location: Gulf of Mexico, Florida, United States.


  1. Lowell Viana

    Amazing bridge. How can they build bridge above the ocean…

  2. Ishola abdullahi

    Is it true? this bridge can be long like this? wow!

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