For the year 2011, Delloitte Football released their latest version of richest football club list in the world, in 2011. The assets of the football club has recorded quite fantastic. So it’s not a secret anymore if football is not just a sport, but also represents a promising industry.

Real Madrid, richest football club
Real Madrid logo

An example is the soccer club Real Madrid, although the club has already spent a lot of money to fix the team, but likely fail to win the championship this year, it still worth the Spanish football team has never subsided and still occupies the top position as the richest football club worldwide.

Los Blancos (nickname Real Madrid) get their income from merchandise sales, television broadcasting rights and also the club sponsor. This year is the sixth consecutively times achievement obtained by Real Madrid as the richest football club.

Meanwhile toughest rivals Real Madrid, the Barcelona, although the achievement for the past few years is better than Real Madrid, the team’s wealth was still less than Real Madrid. However, Barcelona revenue opportunities can be increased very dramatically in the next year, because there is a new sponsor with strong financial, the Qatar Foundation.

While football clubs from England, though not as the world’s richest team, but they dominate the list of the richest teams for this year. Call it the Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and others. This is the complete list of the world’s richest football club in 2011.

1. Real Madrid, Spain, wealth reached £ 359.1 million

Real Madrid 2011
Real Madrid 2010/2011

2. Barcelona, Spain, wealth reached £ 325.9 million

Barcelona 2011
Barcelona 2010/2011

3. Manchester United, England, wealth reached £ 278.5 million

Manchester United 2011
Manchester United 2010/2011

4. Bayern Munich, Germany, wealth reached £ 246.6 million

Bayern Munich 2011
Bayern Munich 2010/2011

5. Arsenal, England, wealth reached £ 224 million

Arsenal 2011
Arsenal 2010/2011

6. Chelsea, England, wealth reached £ 209.5 million
7. AC Milan, Italy, wealth reached £ 193.1 million
8. Liverpool, England, wealth reached £ 184.5 million
9. Inter Milan, Italy, wealth reached £ 184.1 million
10. Juventus, Italy, wealth reached £ 167.8 million
11. Manchester City, England, wealth reached £ 125.1 million
12. Tottenham Hotspur, England, wealth reached £ 119.8 million
13. Hamburger SV, Germany, wealth reached £ 119.7 million
14. Olympique Lyonnais, France, wealth reached £ 119.6 million
15. Olympique Marseille, France, wealth reached £ 115.5 million
16. Schalke 04, Germany, wealth reached £ 114.5 million
17. Atletico Madrid, Spain, wealth reached £ 101.9 million
18. AS Roma, Italy, wealth reached £ 100.5 million
19. VfB Stuttgart, Germany, wealth reached £ 94 million
20. Aston Villa, England, wealth reached £ 89.6 million


  1. abuh monday

    i want barcelona to be the best team in the whole world

    1. eXplorer

      Yes, I think they are also reasonable. Good luck for your team.

      1. Blondy Lane

        I agree with you pall

    2. Oryemas

      How about manchester united

      1. eXplorer

        They are absolutely rich… unfortunately not the richest! 🙂

    3. Kyei Christopher

      Chelsea is the best team to win the uefa Champions League next season …

      1. eXplorer

        Yeah… If they success to get “The Special One” again 😉

      2. kaluba

        chelsea wont win uefa and its a lie to say is the best team

      3. Tessie

        For next year? Well Barcelona still in great performance for next year.

    4. kobby

      i want to play on them!

  2. i was much empress wit unite match 2 day against west ham. I beliv and also hav a strong fillins dt united is the best club this 2011. Up red UP MANCHESTER UNITED

    1. eXplorer

      I think the best teams will increase as well a list of their wealth. 😉

  3. Daniel Eugene

    so whot can chelsea show to the gunners…we are richer”Arsenal” than you.

    1. eXplorer

      uh.. emotionally! 🙂

    2. brian mandaza

      u ar rich bcoz u ar stingy

  4. Bolo Tinto

    I lùv gunners but dix days ???

    1. sydney

      arsenal will win all the cups next season

      1. brian mandaza

        nigga dats a dae dream

        1. eXplorer

          anyway… what team are you brian? 🙂

      2. Manu

        Mairota baba very sorry man-u thrashed you

  5. caleb wizzy

    chelsea will be number one soon up bluess

    1. Taiwo ojo

      Real madrid is till the best team in the world.

  6. real madrid vs barcelona real madrid win yes

    1. eXplorer

      how about both of them be winner together? I love Messi but I respect to Mourinho. hmm.. complicated 🙂

      1. daminant

        barcelona will carry the uefa champions league final clash with man u.up barcelona.

        1. Kamryn

          Barcelona already proof that. They be the winner of Champions League

        2. Chuck

          Very precise predictions… Barcelona win. Salute to your knowledge of football!

  7. Arsenal is d best team in world, Up gunners fans.

  8. Bernetta Amargo

    It seems that marketing people of Real are experienced. Despite team achievements tide, the team’s finances remain healthy.

  9. Ramos

    Finals Man. Utd VS Real, Ronaldo would like a chance with Man U but Man. Utd 2 the worl

  10. man u is the best club in the world .man u for lyf

  11. enow

    Man utd lives to be the best team in the world cuz they play without using tricks to convince the referees as barca usually do and they are going to prove it this coming 28 manutd for life.

  12. show boy

    i think barca is best of the best douting……..up barca fan’s,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,barcelona4 live

    1. eXplorer

      They won the Spanish league in 2011, was a big achievement! 😉

  13. Ismail

    Gr8 Manchester is going 2 suprise d world on may 28, 2011. Up united, best of luck at wembley to united.

  14. nicholas

    vidic and berbatov,the best player and best goal scorer of the league respectively,hence icons of the league and still claim it to be the best football league…..!!!!,anyway your get high ability to market your soccer

  15. sadiq olamide

    i know one day my dreams would come to reality for the GUNNERS

  16. N0ble

    Letme remind u of wat man.Utd is up2,they remain d m0st ad0rable inlined wit 0thers i bet u dey wil win barca 2.1

  17. johnson

    people still argue dat man u is richer dan barca

  18. Uh….barca da best team eva on planet earth, messi da best player eva. Up chelsea! Blues 4 lyf…..e

  19. Barcelona is the best team in the world so far 2012 the deserve first position may God every one who support Barcelona

  20. yomi

    Madrid is still the best ever..

    1. eXplorer

      Madrid is one of football club that I love in world 🙂

  21. leon prince

    Though man utd is not d richest team but it is the best team of the world. :p


    Arsenal might be even the 3rd richest football club in world,because the management do keep the money instead of buying conpitent and mature men of football.thus riches shall never succeed in handling trophy.there is saying in Africa that[when dry bones are measured the old man/woman will become angry]so rich and failure wengar please dont be offended,but make use of the club money

  23. jobin

    chelsea wil soon be richest & champions…watch out..tis club has progressed frm no where….

  24. TI-po

    I think the ranking will changing fast, like football development that also changing fast.

  25. Daniel

    Chelsea will b richer

  26. taiwo

    manchester united should do better than dis becos they are my best club ever

  27. Ayoola Johnson Adebayo

    I want Arsenal my club to be the richest club,and they will win uefa next Ayoola Johnson.

  28. vp

    The gunners will win the prm and UEF champs coz they rebuild the squad carefully.2011/02 is the year for the gunners.

  29. Luigi Fulk

    Hello. I was just trying if I can post a comment here hehe.

    1. eXplorer

      Hello nice guy. Welcome too to our community 🙂

  30. Osbert

    Good luck for gunners. I love my team.

    1. eXplorer

      @liv and osbert
      Welcome the gunners lover. I hope you will get all of what you wish!

  31. Æmir dolomi8

    I strongly believe in the red ‘united’. This season is our turn to claim the truphy ‘champions league’ at least with beat 2-1 to barca in the friendly match. It’s a good move. Up Manchester United!!!

  32. Akinmoladun charles

    i realy care for liver pool. u ‘ll never walk alone.

  33. Fitzgerrel92

    Manchester City…. is growing rich team at the moment.

  34. Amed rudebway abdul

    Gates is e man

  35. akinbileje paul

    chelshit n man shitty??!!!?? cant bliv dat but arsenal will one day b d richest n most successful club in d world soon.

    1. eXplorer

      Chel.. what?? Manchester… what?? I never heard that before 🙂

  36. Mustapha ridwan

    God will punish ur dirty mouth

  37. Charles Echendu

    so with all the money arsenal or ass-nal has got, what do they do they do with it?

  38. Daropale Jamiu

    I wonder why fans comment sentimentaly,going by current performance,the whole planet knows that Bacelona are the current best team,but l believe a fool wil comment upside ~down.favour to all Bacelona fans…up Baca!!!!!!

  39. Deklerk Charles

    Barcelona(the champions) will finally rise to be the richest club in the world, and i mean it.If u like lets bet…

  40. Very helpful football post man, thanks for the info. I saw a lot of people like your post and give comment according their favorite football team. that’s interesting for me 🙂

  41. hahahaha……chelsea blast

  42. Mr 2slim

    i just prefer manhester united in all ramification for victory

  43. donlamijib

    datz gr8 up blues we stil grown

  44. desmond bishop

    am proud 2b a gunaz fans, bt dis days wey winger don dey sale al our players, nawao dis season ok up gunaz. Barca una 2much joo infact na una b d best in d world, no bragin, dis 1 wey man u dey na jst maga, up barca joo

  45. That the best madrid 4 life

  46. Barcelonal is the best playing team in the world and his unstoppable star messi

  47. eyuel

    blues 4 life chelsea will become 1st.fernando for ever i believe in you

  48. Franco

    Arsenal lost like hell recently…

  49. mohammad

    real is the best team in the world in 2011 and any team even barcelona cannot get it.

  50. Mizuno Dunklin

    Great post. I used to be checking constantly this blog and I am inspired! Extremely useful info specially the closing part 🙂 I deal with such info a lot. I used to be seeking this particular info for a long time. Thanks and good luck.

  51. Irra

    who will be champions euro2012?

  52. Paul Sanchez

    I’m one of your fans, do you have any facebook… plz tell me.

    1. eXplorer

      Just join here friend 😉

  53. Casacchia

    Barcelona proof that they are the best football club in the world.

  54. jason

    great post I’m a massive united fan from washington USA

  55. Reier Herrara

    Thanks for the auspicious writeup.
    I am waiting update for the next richest football club for 2012 too..

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