An innovation in mobile phone technology has been released by Samsung. Samsung plans to release super-slim phone, which is made of soft material and can even be curved, such as materials made of rubber. The phone is called Samsung Galaxy Skin.

Samsung Galaxy Skin
Samsung Galaxy Skin

Manufacturers of the world’s top gadgets from South Korea are scheduled to launch Samsung Galaxy Skin in early 2012. Samsung’s head of investor relations, Robert Yi, said even if the phone is launching new products faster.

Yi said that this product will likely be the first product innovation in the world, the mobile phone with a flexible screen. The development is expected this application will most likely be applied also on the tablet of their output.

This new technology is like science fiction as long as this is still a dream. But in the world of technology, such developments are not unusual.

Meanwhile, in addition to Samsung, the other competitors such as Nokia, also are working hard to develop the same technology. Rival Samsung smartphone, Nokia also unveiled a prototype basis Kinectic, flexible Nokia phones. Kinectic allows the user to bend the screen, to control functions such as music and video. However, unlike Samsung, Nokia refused to divulge when Kinectic smartphones will be sold.


At some previous time, Samsung’s demonstration has shown a foldable OLED screen. AMOLED, the screen is 4.5 inches and only has a thickness of 0.3 mm, has the ability to be folded like paper. In January, the scientists show off a Samsung AMOLED screen that can be folded, without having to crack.


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