Singapore Flyer is a giant observation wheel that located at Raffles Avenue, Marina Resort, Singapore. Where is the place was designed by the Singapore government as an integrated tourism area. This Ferris wheel was recorded as the largest in the world, because it has a height 165 meters. The size is 5 meters higher than Star of Nanyang, Ferris wheel in China, and even 30 meters higher than the London Eye in the UK.

Singapore Flyer, largest ferris wheel
Singapore Flyer, largest

This Ferris wheel was designed by renowned Japanese architect, Kisho Kurokawa. With a very large size, this Ferris wheel can carry 784 passengers for a single round, with a time of 30 minutes. To support the strength and safety of its passengers, Singapore Flyer is also equipped with a very strong structure. Where passenger capsules attached to the wheel is clamped by two steel rings with a large size. Each of these steel ring have gear, so keep the capsule to be able to move freely. While at the bottom of the capsule was also added gear box, for order under the passenger capsules are not rubbing against the gear of the ring. Sophisticated mechanism that makes the passenger capsule can move to the stable.

Singapore Flyer, giant ferris wheel
Singapore Flyer, giant Ferris wheel

Meanwhile, to support the view for passengers, the capsule is equipped with a glass thickness of 1.2 cm. It is also equipped with an antidote to ultraviolet rays from the sun. For passenger safety, the glass can only be opened from the outside. This giant Ferris wheel began operation on 1 March 2008. Because of its altitude, the Singapore Flyer offers a view of 3 countries as well as in surrounding areas, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Not only that, facilities for visitors around the Singapore Flyer is also quite complete, because there is a row of five star hotels, exhibition centers, theaters and also Marina Bay that being built. The Singapore Government made the Singapore Flyer as the latest icon, in addition to the Merlion statue.

Singapore Flyer capsule
Singapore Flyer capsule


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