From the news reported by Reuters said that a new study shows that across the United States Department of Health, the percentage of adult patients who were diagnosed appendicitis using CT Scans  increase from only 6 percent in 1996, to 69 percent, in 2006.

CT Scan
CT Scan

In fact, according to Dr. Daniel Tsze, a principal investigator of the study stated that the CT Scan has some risks especially if done to children. Greatest radiation exposure received by children all their lives, using CT Scan may cause some risk of cancer.

However, this was largely unknown by the public. In recent decades the number of Americans using CT (Computed Tomography) Scan has soared, reaching 72 million in 2007 for examination Appendicitis. Of course on that number there are large numbers of children. Appendicitis is an inflammation of the appendix caused by the blockage.

Because that’s a dangerous risk, Dr. Tsze advise patients and parents to ask if there are a better alternative to their doctor, if want to do a CT Scan to check the stomach. Prospective patients should ask for a CT Scan, whether it is indeed very necessary to be done or there is another better way.

Dr. Tsze not deny that the CT Scan is indeed a most accurate test for investigation of appendicitis. Maybe it was one of the main reasons for the increased use of CT Scans. But in reality the CT Scan have radiation hazards which should not be overlooked the risks.



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    Modern way of healing sometimes does have side effects in addition to curing the disease.

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