Daniel Radcliffe has new girlfriend

Recently the Daniel Radcliffe, Harry Potter actor, seen holding hands with a brunette haired girl in New York. The girl named Rosanne Cooker who is the actor’s new girlfriend. Of course the news can make big fan women of the Harry Potter movies all over the world become broken heart.

Daniel Radcliffe
Daniel Radcliffe

Rosanne Cooker is the daughter of a painter and decorator on the set of Harry Potter. They both first met in Harry Potter film production titled Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince in 2007. It was Rosanne worked as a production assistant.

The couple has been recorded as working together in four movies, including the last three Harry Potter films, titled Harry Potter and The Woman In Black. For the upcoming schedule they will also meet in the film with the tittled Hammer which will begin next year.

The closeness of the young couple started a few years ago. In order to build their relationship, Rosanne even have to divide her time to stay at his home in Surrey and visit luxury apartments owned by Radcliffe in New York.

Apparently, Radcliffe would not hide his feelings to the media. Even he is not shy to admit if he now has a girlfriend who he loved so much. The statement was not only once he had to say. But in the few interviews Radcliffe also had several times said that the age of their courtship had lasted more than eight months.


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