Foods that should be avoided by pregnant women

Women who are pregnant, should be concerned with whether the food eaten daily. Eating food while pregnant is not the same as when she is not pregnant. The reason is, because the food consumed by the mother, would affect the condition of the womb and the fetus. If the food that the mother eat is food that is true, then the health condition of the fetus will remain intact.

Pregnant woman food
Pregnant woman food

There are some foods that should be avoided by women who are pregnant. Such foods include the following categories:

  1. Do not consume all kinds of raw foods, especially in the form of meat. Examples of foods to avoid are sushi, seafood, meat or raw poultry. As for the form of raw vegetables can still be tolerated, provided that prior to consumption should certainly have been washed clean.
  2. Pregnant women should also avoid foods that contain raw eggs. Examples are not to consume mayonnaise, unpasteurized eggnog, or Hollandaise sauce, because it has a pretty big risk, that is contaminated with salmonella.
  3. Avoid consuming fish that contain high mercury levels in fish are fatty tissue. Like the shark meat, swordfish, king mackerel and tilefish. Excessive mercury can cause neurological disorders, and interfere with fetal development. Likewise, the intake of fish containing mercury levels quite a lot, like tuna, lopster and sea trout.
  4. Pregnant women must not consume alcohol. Adverse effects from consuming alcohol is that it can cause miscarriage risk, and cause of preterm birth. Alcohol drinkers, usually associated with fetal alcohol syndrome, which includes facial defects, low IQ, mental retardation, poor coordination, and aggressive behavior.
  5. Try not to consume caffeine. Because caffeine can cross the plasentan and increase heart rate and fetal breathing. In addition, caffeine can reduce the absorption of iron, which theoretically, could spur anemia.
  6. Other foods consumed in vain. Because the risk is, the mother of food poisoning. Maybe for the mother is not so heavy, but for the fetus it is very dangerous, despite the relatively mild toxicity for the mother.

Those are some foods that should be avoided for consumption, by mothers who are pregnant. Thoroughness and seriousness of the mother to pay attention to the food consumed, so determining the health and safety of the baby. And for the best care of your pregnancy read also activity that must avoided by pregnant women.

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