History of formation sexy girls music group SNSD

Fever sexy girls music group from South Korea, SNSD, engulfing the entire world. In addition to their great singing ability, their appearance on stage also admired, not least for the men. Here is a brief story about the origin of the group SNSD, which of course many people are curious about how the story goes, that one girl vocal group consisted of all the beautiful girls.

SNSD music group

SM Girl Group Project
At first, SNSD has not made up of nine members as it is today. Before their debut, SM Entertainment made a lot of stages and changes in this group. SM of successful orbit Super Junior, plans to create a new musical group with the same concept, as a companion of SJ. Finally they took the student’s senior trainees.

Members: Im Yoon-a, Seo Ju-hyun, Kim Ye-jin, Jessica Jung, Kim Hyo-yeon, Lee Yeon-hee, Hwang Bo-ra, Bae Seok-bin, Zhang Liyin, Kwon Yu-ri and Choi Soo-young.

But the group did not last long and only 6 of 11 members who survived in this group. From this beginning the struggle of the girl music group to survive.

Revision 1
After the changes, there are members who come out and join the group. There are additional new members namely Seo Hyunjin, Soyeon Park, Stella Kim, Jang Hajin, Hwanhee Lee. Before entering this group, Seo Hyunjin is the main vocal and maknae from the Milk group which previously had dispersed.

Members: Seo Hyun-jin, Park So-yeon, Jang Ha-jin, Seo Ju-hyun, Kwon Yu-ri, Choi Soo-young, Lee Hwan-hee, Jessica Jung, Kim Hyo-yeon, Stella Kim, Yoon Im -a.

But for some reason, SM Entertainment then replacing the oldest member (Seo Hyunjin) and the youngest member (Lee Hwanhee). They were replaced by a relatively new trainees namely Kim Taeyeon and Stephanie Hwang. At that Taeyeon and Stephanie just practice about 2 years.

Revision 2
The second concept that has approached the concept of the music group Super Junior. Even the Korean netizek this project called Super Girls. While the SM Entertainment have made a group picture in this group. In this concept Soyeon appointed as leader because she was the oldest among her friends. While Juhyun appointed maknae. The main vocalist is Soyeon, Stephanie, Stella, Taeyeon, Jessica, and Juhyun. The main group of dancers are Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, Yoona and Yuri. While the image is used as Jessica, Stella, Yoona, and Hajin.

But eventually Stella Kim and Jang Ha-jin excluded from the concept of the group. News mentions that Hajin considered lacking in the ability to dance. Meanwhile, Stella wanted to continue her education.

Members: Park So-yeon, Kim Tae-yeon, Im Yoon-a, Jang Ha-jin, Seo Ju-hyun, Jessica Jung, Stephanie Hwang, Kim Hyo-yeon, Kwon Yu-ri, Choi Soo-young, Stella Kim.

Revision 3
At revision this time the concept group members are 12 peoples, means more than the initial concept at the time of this group is created, which are only 11 members. These include Lee Soonkyu, Hwanhee Lee and Heo Chanmi. In 2006, a lot of the public who predicts who will be excluded from the concept of the group.

Unfortunately the leader, ie Soyeon instead resigned from the music group cause too hard training. It confirms the situation at Taeyeon ever ran away from SM for the same reason, luckily the girl willing to go back into the group. The next prediction is the concept of SM is suspected to plan group had only 10 people.

Members: Park So-yeon, Im Yoon-a, Seo Ju-hyun, Lee Hwan-hee, Kim Tae-Yeon, Jessica Jung, Soon-kyu Lee, Stephanie Hwang, Kim Hyo-yeon, Kwon Yu-ri, Choi Soo -Young, Heo Chan-mi.

SNSD formed

Girls Generation
Girls Generation

The end result of the concept of group SM Entertainment has made ??changes in its struggle for existence, finally born SNSD we know today. SNSD is the acronym of So Nyuh Shi Dae, which means the Era of the girls. Actually, members of the group was confused by the name of a relatively ancient, but they have a name in English, that is Girls Generation.

Idea So Nyuh Shi Dae’s name was taken from the song Lee Seung Chul, the same title. The interesting thing is the songs became hits in 1989, which is the year of birth of most of the SNSD members. Seeing their persistence in providing the best in the music world, their spirit was admirable. So it is worth it if they are now famous worldwide and can enjoy their hard work before.

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