Hodgson willing to replace Capello as England coach

Fabio Capello will step down from his position as England soccer national team coach. The plan will be made after the passing of the finals of Euro 2012. Therefore English Football Association will seek a replacement candidate in the coach of England, aka the local coaches.

Roy Hodgson
Roy Hodgson

Ironically from the 20 Premier League football club, only seven teams that employ a local manager or coach. One is Roy Hodgson who coach West Bromwich Albion (WBA). Thus, Hodgson also automatically become coach of England’s strongest candidate to replace Capello. In fact, Hodgson admitted frankly that these men are eager to train the Three Lions, England epithet. However, Hodgson expects if he ever gets elected, he expects support from the fans and the media.

Apparently, Hodgson learned a lot of bad experiences while taking over as Liverpool manager from manager Rafael Benitez. At that time, Kenny Dalglish in the public eye is more popular and favored. As a result, after five months working at Anfield, Hodgson had to give up his position to be replaced by Dalglish.

Roy Hodgson hopes that if one day be offered the position of England manager, it must be coupled with the support of important figures. That means, the mass media that represent the sound of fans and also fans themselves. Conversely, if it did not happen then it is very difficult for anyone to assume the position of England coach, although the figure chosen is considered the most worthy and competent.

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