New Ferrari FF

Sports car manufacturer that is legendary from Italy, Ferrari, did not want to miss out its newest product with the name Ferrari FF in the event the Geneva Motor Show 2011. Understandably the Geneva Motor Show was the place of car manufacturer to paper their latest technology. According to information, this Ferrari FF is latest Ferrari sport car to replace the Ferrari 612. The presence of Ferrari’s latest sports car is already eagerly awaited by observers of the automotive world. Understandably, because this Ferrari FF, ever mention by manufacturer that this car is the fastest 4×4 model for today.

Ferrari FF, front views

All new Ferrari FF designed by Pininfarina, which brought the concept is featuring GT sports car concepts that really new. FF said here stands for Ferrari Four. The unique of this sports car is Ferrari FF has capacity of four passengers and it is the first Ferrari car that has four wheel system technology. For the four passenger capacity, the rear seat can function as a place to sit the kids or can be used as another function as a trunk.

For the engine, this sports car equipped with direct injection V12 engine with capacity 6,262 cc. This engine is able to generate power of 660 horsepower at 8,000 rpm. As for the maximum torque produced is 683 Nm at 6,000 rpm. With so great engine power, it is not wrong if Ferrari FF can accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.7 seconds. For maximum speed is also really amazing, which can reach speeds of 335 km/h.

FERRARI FF, new sport car
FERRARI FF, new sport car

Ferrari FF engine power generated is relatively higher 22 percent compared with the Ferrari 612. Amazingly, the system of stop start engine that is owned able to save fuel 10 percent than 612. In addition this sports car is also more environmentally friendly, with exhaust emissions that are trimmed to be 360 g/km only.

For car infotainment system is also new, that is by using a dual 5-inch screen with touch screen on the instrument panel. This feature can be a place to monitor information such as vehicle speed, rpm, gear position, and can also be entertainment for the passengers Ferrari FF.

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