The currencies traded in forex

In general, the currencies traded in forex currency trading is coming from countries that have good and strong economy. Countries are marked as having the value of currencies of low inflation rates, and also fairly stable political conditions. Very unlikely if we do the trading activity for the currencies of countries whose economies collapsed, or in a state of political conflicts and protracted war.

Forex currency
Forex currency

For example, political and economic conditions of countries of Iraq, which is currently being volatile. Iraqi dinar currency trading, trading action tantamount to suicide. Another example is the country’s currency trading in Zimbabwe which has a very high rate of inflation, which reached 1 million percent.

Popular forex trading for countries that are in categories of good and stable. Examples are Australia, USA, Europe, UK, Japan and Switzerland. Australia is famous for gold and metals commodities. USA and European countries are famous for its economy forward. Japan famous for its technology and automotive electronics. With these indicators, forex trading generally puts these currencies are traded. The advantages of a country’s economy highly influenced the country’s currency.

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