The definition of the traffic exchange sites

What is traffic exchange site? Traffic Exchange is a site that provides services exchange visits. The aim is to increase the number of visitors to a site. How it works traffic exchange is, when we visit another people site, then we will get the benefit of other people to visit our site.

Traffic exchange sites
Traffic exchange sites

Between site traffic exchange services with one another, usually comparing its service is different from each other. There are several sites that apply the ratio of 1:1, meaning that if we visit another site one time, then, our site will receive visits from other people as much as one-time too. There are also sites that provide traffic exchange ratio of 2:1, 3:1 and so forth.

For simply, the purpose of using traffic exchange site service are as follows:
To increase visitors to a site. With the aim to increase the Google ranking, or Alexa rank of that site.
To find a downline or referral from an online business. This objective is included is very much to use.
To market a particular product. Whether it be goods or investment.
Website traffic exchange is actually a fairly effective media campaign on the internet. Because if you want to use them, site owners enough just to sign up for membership only. So, even if a site is still new, can directly use traffic exchange to introduce services to Internet users, but of course that are members of the traffic exchange.

In general the traffic exchange sites on the Internet is divided into two, namely manual traffic exchange, auto traffic exchange. Manual traffic exchange, it means if you want to get a visit, then we have other people visit the site manually. Usually it is quite tiring, but on average more qualified visitors than the auto traffic exchange. Meanwhile, auto traffic exchange is a traffic exchange service that provides services to exchange traffic of visitors automatically. So we need not linger in front of the computer. But not effective enough to promote our site, because other members are also not in front of the computer.

There is an important note that you should know about traffic exchange and PPC (Pay Per Click ads). Most of the PPC, like Google Adsense, Adbrite and others prohibit the use of traffic exchange for their ads. So you should not install the PPC on sites that you submitted in a traffic exchange. So in conclusion, make use of site traffic exchange site services properly and best.

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