The launch of Apple iPhone 5

Latest news mentioning that Apple iPhone 5 will be launched in October, not September as the news circulated previously. Rumors of the launch Apple iPhone 5 rolling. Recently, All Things D reported the popular smart phones iPhone 5 will be launched in October this year and dispelled earlier rumors that call will be launched September 5, meaning that its release is slower.

Apple iPhone 5
Apple iPhone 5

All Things D cites sources who know the problem was immediately say, the launch of the iPhone 5 in September is misinformed. Blog All Things D says that the sources confirmed the iPhone 5 will present the end of October. The new report does not rule out the possibility that Apple will announce new mobile phone in September and subsequent months.

Last week, the blog reported that iPhone 5 will be launched in the U.S. in September and in international markets in October. Apple’s latest products are always filled with rumor and speculation, it’s because Apple rarely reveals the secrets of technology on future products.

This year, the rumor came up when the iPhone 5 was not present at the WWDC show last June. In fact, Apple’s previous handsets launched at WWDC event, an annual conference event Apple. But this year’s WWDC event does not discuss the iPhone 5. Although the public only knows the information and rumors from sources considered reliable, the iPhone 5 will have a faster processor like the iPad 2, a better camera, larger screen and curved.

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