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10 biggest diamond in world ever found

Posted March 4, 2011 By eXplorer

Diamond is a very expensive jewelry. Diamonds are often used as a symbol of the rich, because the price is very expensive to reach millions of dollars. Diamonds are the most common are diamonds that adorn the other jewelry, such as rings, necklaces and so forth. However, there are actually several of the largest diamond ever discovered in the mining done by humans. This is the largest diamonds in the world.

1. Golden Jubilee

Golden Jubilee, biggest diamond in world

This diamond has a weight of 545.67 carats. This diamond was first discovered in the Premier mine, South Africa in 1985. When first discovered, this diamond has a weight of 755 carats. The largest diamond ever offered to the King of Thailand, in 1997, in celebration of its 50th birthday. Today, the Golden Jubilee is the largest diamond in the Read the remainder of this entry »

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New Ferrari FF

Posted March 4, 2011 By eXplorer

Sports car manufacturer that is legendary from Italy, Ferrari, did not want to miss out its newest product with the name Ferrari FF in the event the Geneva Motor Show 2011. Understandably the Geneva Motor Show was the place of car manufacturer to paper their latest technology. According to information, this Ferrari FF is latest Ferrari sport car to replace the Ferrari 612. The presence of Ferrari’s latest sports car is already eagerly awaited by observers of the automotive world. Understandably, because this Ferrari FF, ever mention by manufacturer that this car is the fastest 4×4 model for today.

Ferrari FF, front views

All new Ferrari FF designed by Pininfarina, which brought the concept is featuring GT sports car concepts that really new. FF said here stands for Ferrari Four. The unique of this sports car is Ferrari FF has capacity of four passengers Read the remainder of this entry »

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New Aston Martin Virage

Posted March 4, 2011 By eXplorer

Luxury sports car manufacturer from England, namely Aston Martin, took out a new roadster variant at the Geneva Motor Show 2011 with the name of Aston Martin Virage. This latest Aston martin car is focused on the markets between Aston Martin DBS and DB9.

Aston Martin Virage, front view

The new car uses a V12 engine with engine capacity 6.000 cc. Power output is to reach 497 horsepower, with torque of 570 Nm. According to information, Aston Martin Virage capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.6 seconds. The resulting speed is also quite pretty which can reach speeds of 299 km/h. The speed is comparatively Read the remainder of this entry »

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