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Luwak coffee, most expensive coffee in world

Posted March 6, 2011 By eXplorer

Luwak coffee in English means civet coffee. This coffee is the most expensive type of coffee beverage in the world for now. Luwak coffee or civet coffee is a type of coffee bean production, not a trademark or franchise. Civet coffee is called Luwak coffee, because “Luwak” is a civet term from a famous coffee producer country in Southeast Asia, Indonesia. Even because this country is famous with it’s coffee production, the world famous computer programming language Java, the idea name is from the name of Java island in Indonesia. The idea came when the creator of Java program are drinking coffee.

A cup of Luwak coffee

From various types of coffee bean production, the most expensive is which called Luwak coffee. One cup of Luwak coffee in the U.S. and European prices are about U.S. $ 50. If purchased in kilograms the price of this Luwak coffee reached U.S. $ 600/kg. That’s just the price of a standard type of coffee beans, of course be more expensive if the Read the remainder of this entry »

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