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Scary species of deep sea fish

Posted March 25, 2011 By eXplorer

Apparently, there are fish life at the water sea that very deep. Fish in these environments must adapt to the high pressure of sea water and environment that is not impenetrable sunlight. Because of this environmental adaptation, the deep ocean has a special feature of fish with a unique shape or even can be called scary. Shape of them is very different from the fish that are often found in normal water depth. Here are some examples of scary deep sea fish.


Viperfish, deep sea fish


This fish has a look that seems cruel, because it has wide mouth with long sharp teeth. Like other deep sea species, this fish also has a see through skin and organs that goes on, because a process called bioluminescense. This fish look even more scary, because it has wide eyes which serves to collect as much light at the deep sea that has very low light or no Read the remainder of this entry »

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