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Luxury and famous women’s handbags in world

Posted May 21, 2011 By eXplorer

Since time immemorial, handbags can not be separated from the mode or fashion. At first is when people feel on the shirt or pants pocket was no longer able to accommodate luggage, thus create a handbag. Fashion houses in the world also do not miss in producing high quality handbags, nice and even luxurious, especially for women. Similarly, the celebrity world also often makes these handbags as part of their appearance. Among the many brands of women’s handbags that exist in the world, there are some which have always been hunting by fashion lovers, like the following handbags.


Lauren Conrad, Sophia Bush with Chanel 2.55

Lauren Conrad, Sophia Bush with Chanel 2.55

Chanel 2.55 is women’s handbag designed in leather, which is produced by the fashion house Chanel. At first, Coco Read the remainder of this entry »

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