Actors who made mistake by refusing role in big movies

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Determine and select the role of characters in a film is not easy for film artists and actors, including the famous Hollywood actor. Before accepting the offer they should be able to estimate whether the film will succeed or not.

Sir Ian Murray McKellen as Gandalf

Sir Ian Murray McKellen as Gandalf

Consideration should they think about the film story is interesting or not, the director and other players are also quite talented and can support their role and estimate whether the audience will like the movie. Because of these considerations, there are several actors and actresses Hollywood has ever made a wrong decision by refusing the offer to play in the film that eventually became a big movie in the world. Here are some names of actors and artists who either refused the role.

Sir Sean Connery
The Scottish actor is probably deeply regret the errors and wasted a chance to play a role in two films in the world series. The film is the “Lord of the Ring” and “The Matrix”, of course almost everyone in the world to know that great movies.

Whereas before, Connery is an actor who is expected to portray Gandalf in “Lord of the Ring” and Morpheus in “The Matrix”. Do not know what caused the actor refused to accept the offer. He may not understand the script or not understand the core of the story. Finally, the role of Gandalf played by Sir Ian Murray McKellen with great success. It made him scared to take the decision again and decided to play a role in the “League of Extaordinary”, which was not successful and less than two movies above.

Bruce Willis
Famous romantic ghost film entitled “Ghost”, is actually the main character is offered to Bruce Willis, but he refused the role. Eventually the movie makes character the protagonist, Patrick Swayze, became more famous. Apparently Bruce Willis is to learn from his mistakes and respond by being willing to play in the movie “The Sixth Sense”. Fortunately, this second film can also be a great movie.

Will Smith
Not only Sir Sean Connery who do not understand well the script of “The Matrix” movie. And it is also recognized by Will Smith. He said that “The Matrix” is the concept of a film which is difficult to understand.

Previous Will Smith has a chance to play the main character, Neo, in the film. Which in turn was replaced by Keanu Reeves and make this handsome actor becoming increasingly popular. However, Will Smith heartened and admitted his mistake with the wise. He argued that because he did not understand the concept of the film, the film could actually be screwed if he who plays the main character.

Keanu Reeves as Neo

David Schwimmer
One of the famous funny television series in the 90′s is “Friends”. The success of the television series to make the actors become famous and get an offer to play in the movie. However, Schwimmer must regret his refusal to play as J, a young agent in the film “Men in Black”. Yep, the end everyone knows the character eventually played by Will Smith and made Smith became increasingly popular.

Tom Hanks
Movie “Field of Dreams” and “Shawshank Redemption”, actually provides an opportunity Tom Hanks as the main character which could make it increasingly idolized. However, Tom Hanks declined the offer. Finally, the role of sports agent character which is arrogant, to be replaced and played very well by Tom Cruise. It happened after Tom Hanks turned down the offer put forward by Camreon Crowe.

Warren Beatty
Warren Beatty did not seem too smart to choose a character in the movie, this movie star is actually involved in some great movies of the world. A great opportunity that was missed when he refused to playing the character Burt Reynolds in “Boogie Nights” and also not be playing in the movie “Misery”. Another missed opportunity is the Robert Redford character in the movie “The Sting”. So did Bill character in the movie “Kill Bill” is also considered not suitable for him. One more great movie role he spent is as Gordon Gekko in “Wall Street”.

Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts is not so keen to play in romantic comedies. Though she had a chance to be the main character in several famous movies like “While You Were Sleeping”, “Shakespeare in Love” and “Sleepless in Seattle”. The opportunity was taken over by very well by Sandra Bullock, Gwyneth Paltrow and Meg Ryan. Apparently the artist managed to get three additional fame in the films. Not only that, the world famous erotic thriller “Basic Instinct” has also been rejected, which in the end the film jump start the name of Sharon Stone, in 1992.

Alec Baldwin
Occasion act as Jack Ryan character, CIA analyst in the Thriller “The Hunt for Red October” was overlooked by Alec Baldwin. Because of the reported fear of not getting enough box office to take a role as James Bond. Major role eventually fell into the hands of Harrison Ford who catapulted the actor’s name. The situation is even worse when he rejected the offer as a leader Dr. Richard Kimble in “The Fugitive”, in the 60′s. The famous role ultimately would be again taken up by Harrison Ford.

Joaquin Phoenix
The name Joaquin Phoenix soared after he successfully starred in the movie “Gladiator”. Film he has ever rejected the teen horror movie “Scream” and “Boogie Nights”. Even rumored that the actor had met with Paul Thomas Anderson for the role in the movie “Boogie Nights”, but the actor was not even sure to take part in the movie, so reject it. This big movie is eventually given to Mark Wahlberg.


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