Taiwan is one country that has great economic strength in the world. Taiwan has the form of iconic skyscrapers are very proud that is Taipei 101 building.

Taipei 101 skyscraper
Taipei 101 skyscraper

When the morning sun emerged from behind the skyscrapers, the Taiwan economy was immediately stretched. Xinyi District is the center of business in Taiwan, so the international financial magnificent building was built in that place.

The figure 101 is the top floor of this building. The figure 101 is selected because it was believed that the figure 100 is a maximum figure, and one is a step to start over. A large group of tourists from Falun Gong Worldwide used to express their action in the court of this building.

Currently for the record as the world’s tallest building, Taipei 101 has been lost by some other skyscrapers such as the Burj Dubai. But the 101 buildings still has its own uniqueness of the technology applied in the building. Building forms such as bamboo tree is symbolizing East Asia. When founded in 2004 happened a long debate about the safety of the building because Taiwan is often hit by earthquakes and hurricanes.

Doubts were met with a highly advanced secret technology, namely in the form of a giant pendulum or tuned big mass damper that is placed at the top of the building with diameter of 5.5 meters and weighs 800 tons. If the building swaying during typhoons or earthquakes, this big mass damper will balance the movement of the building, so it will not collapse.

Taipei 101 big mass damper
Taipei 101 big mass damper

The workings of the pendulum is a simple mechanical physics formulas. When the Taipei 101 building swayed into a particular direction because of high winds or earthquakes, the mass damper will move in the opposite reducing shock by 40 percent. The sophistication of this technology has been tested satisfactorily on May 12, 2008. At that time a province in China experienced an earthquake and the vibration reaches Taipei. This big mass damper is working well to protect the building Taipei 101.

Pendulum is placed on the floor 89 which can be viewed by visitors using the fastest elevators in the world. Toshiba-made elevator which is worth 2 million USD has speed 1,000 meters per minute. Every second screen shows the elevator floor and elevation. The sophistication of the elevator was because when it went and reached the top, there is no sense of shock at all. From the top visitors can see a grand total of Taipei City.


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