The big question about who the artists who will be the latest Bond girl finally answered. Beautiful artist from France, Berenice Marlohe, certainly chosen to play alongside Daniel Craig in latest James Bond movie, Bond 23.

Berenice Marlohe
Berenice Marlohe

The name of the artist is not sound familiar to most fans of the James Bond film worldwide. This is understandable, because such a beautiful artist had never even starred in Hollywood films.

But in her country, Berenice Marlohe was quite famous and popular as a television star. More recently, the sexy actress started playing the big screen, with play in the film “Un Bonheur N’arrive Jamais Seul”.

Marlohe will be one of a list of women who had served as mate James Bond like the previous beautiful artists, such as Halle Berry, Eva Green, Teri Hatcher and Denise Richards. Marlohe had leaked figures to be portraying, ie as a figure of a mysterious woman named Severine. The film will be produced by renowned film director, Sam Mendes. From the experience of the previous film confirmed that Marlohe will act as James Bond girl who pretty and intelligent.

Other players will also be back playing in the movie are Daniel Craig, Judy Dench and Javier Bardem. The film will be titled “Skyfall”. In addition there is a British artist, Naomie Harris, who also will join the team as a field agent named Eve.

Bond 23 movie artists
Bond 23 movie artists

Meanwhile, Sam Mendes is preparing to carry out filming Bond 23 premiere in Istanbul, Turkey. Bond 23 is the third James Bond film that takes filming in Istanbul. Both of the previous Bond film which is also filmed in Istanbul is “From Russia with love” and “The World Is Not Enough”.

Tourism Ministry of Turkey strongly supports the use of location shooting this film in his country, because it is expected the Turkish tourism will increase, if Istanbul made as the background of one of these world famous movie. Leaks while, “Skyfall” is planned to begin playing in cinemas on November 9, 2012.


  1. M. Wishers

    Bond girls always beautiful… Lucky James Bond!

  2. Veeser Lazzari

    This girls popularity must be increase after starring this big movie.

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