BMW 6 Series Convertible 650i review

Convertible car than as a means of transportation, can also be used for style or expose owner themselves on the road. In addition, the car is also providing more pleasure for the driver which can provide unimpeded views to the surrounding environment. That’s the main consideration why someone buys a convertible car, though in price these cars generally have a more expensive price.

BMW 6 Series Convertible 650i

BMW 6 Series Convertible 650i

BMW Manufacturing from Germany will launch their latest convertible car series, namely the BMW 6 Series Convertible 650i, following the launch of this type of car in last March in Germany. BMW convertible cars will use the roof of a canvas type, not a hard top that is usually found on the Ferrari or Lamborghini. Canvas material has the advantage of lighter weight so it will not add to the burden of a car. But it also has drawbacks, if exposed to heat and cold weather continued could be damaged easier than hard top. Likewise, if scratched sharp object will be easy to tear.

BMW 6 Series Convertible 650i can seat two passengers and the time required to open and close the roof, takes between 19 to 24 seconds. The process can be done, both cars stopped or running. So, the car driver can close the convertible roof of the car quickly, if rain.

When the roof is opened, the jet black canvas will be stored in the rear trunk. BMW uses a technology or electrical actuator to move it, rather than using hydraulic actuators such as owned by some other convertible cars.

BMW Convertible, open canvas roof

To support safety, BMW Convertible also comes with a neck brace devices. The device will automatically stand out above when the impact occurred or the car overturned. If not equipped with such devices, if the car is upside down, the driver can crushed car. However, in the presence of these devices, safety can be maximized.

In dimensions, BMW 6 Series Convertible 650i is longer and higher compared to the previous series. The length of the car is increased about 7.4 centimeters be 489 centimeter. For width, about 3.9 inches wider. As for height, about 0.9 centimeters to 136 centimeters higher. In order to get power easily, BMW uses a 8 cylinder engine with cylinder capacity of 4,400 cc. This engine uses direct injection technology and turbo charging. This technology allows the engine have additional power because the oxygen that comes into the car has upgraded its mass.

BMW Convertible 650i engine

The BMW 6 Series Convertible 650i is capable of producing 400 horsepower, the engine rev 5500 and 6400 rpm, and peak torque of 450 Newton meters. To achieve speeds of 100 km per hour, it takes only 5.6 seconds. However, manufacturers are limiting the top speed of this convertible car, only up to 250 miles per hour.


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