Countries with famous cuisine in the world

Every country has their own special food, which has a unique taste and individual. Even in a country, regional cuisine can be different from one area to another. Some of the food there is the result of unity or influence from other regions. But it does not affect the uniqueness of each country with the food of their own. However, there are certain countries in the world which is famous with their culinary and the average has been known throughout the world. These list of 10 countries that have a very well-known culinary food in the world.


Sushi, Japanese cuisine

Japanese food is very famous in the world. Lots of restaurants or hotels that provide Japanese food worldwide. The main reason Japanese cuisine is popular because of their dishes taste neutral, compared with other regions. For example, the cuisine of India is too spicy, the cuisine of Arabic is very fatty, Indonesian cuisine is spicy and so forth. In average Japanese cuisine can be accepted by people of any country, ranging from Europe, the United States, Asia and so forth. One famous type of Japanese food is sushi. But it can not be denied if the Japanese cuisine can be famous in the world also because of the influence of their manga and anime which worldwide.


Escargot, French cuisine

French cuisine is also a world famous food. Their foods are famous for quality and luxury. On price, French cuisine is worth a lot of expensive, such as luxury foods, escargot and foie gras. Probably most of us have heard a romantic candle dinner, which is often associated with French restaurant, plus accompanied by music of love which sweet and romantic. Well it was the one that made French cuisine became famous, in addition to delicious course.


Soto, Indonesian cuisine

Indonesia is one country in the world that is rich with culinary tourism. Cuisine originating from these countries are very diverse and vary in various regions. Indonesian cuisine is also influenced by the cuisine of the Malay, Indian, Chinese and western. Typical food of this region is the taste of exotic, spicy and had coconut milk. Call it the cuisine in the area is nasi goreng (fried rice), soto, rawon, pecel and so forth.


Pizza, Italian cuisine

Pizza, Italian cuisine

If we hear the food called pasta, spaghetti, makaorni, lasagna, or pizza, average people in the world will know that the food is Italian food. Well, Italy is one country in the world of cooking favored by people worldwide. Italian food is very varied prices, ranging from expensive to cheap.


Bibimbap, Korean cuisine

Korean food is also famous because of the influence of K-drama production throughout the world. So are a lot of their famous boyband, very helpful introduction Korean culture to the whole world, not least their foods. One of renowned cuisine from Korea is bibimbap. It is said that this food is food that should only be eaten by the royal family in Korea. Korean noodles, rice noodles that thick, named Guksu also very well known to make japachae, memil steamed and jjolmeyon.


Cap cay, Chinese cuisine

Almost in all countries, there must be Chinese food. It is also influenced by the distribution of the population of China, or Chinese descent in other countries. The most famous Chinese food is Cantonese, which is in Guangdong Province, Southern China. Cantonese cuisine became famous because of this area many residents who migrated to the outer region. One of the famous Chinese food is salted egg, or a well-known by the name of Ham Aap Dam.


Martabak, Indian cuisine

Examples of Indian food is curry, bread cane, rice biryani and martabak. Typical Indian food is the spice of the food was pretty dominant. Nonetheless Indian food, including foods that most fans around the world. Call it martabak that was famous everywhere.


Sachertorte, Austrian cuisine

Like most European food, Austrian cuisine is also known to be very classy. Types of Austrian food is relatively expensive. Moreover, Austria famous as the birthplace of the musicians and artists, who also classy. Austria synonymous with luxury concert buildings, especially Vienna. Characteristic of the famous Austrian food is on the pastry and cake. European Food indeed dominate in terms of cake and their trademark is the jam.


Pambazo, Mexican cuisine

In a way, typical Mexican food are not mixed with other food flavors, except the area around the US. Because Mexican foods have existed since thousands of years, brought by the Incan and Aztec Indians, and later in modernizations. Examples of Mexican food is Pambazo, Flautas, Champurrado, Dulce de Leche and Chapulines.


Pastitsio, Greek cuisine

Pastitsio, Greek cuisine

Greek food is food that is rich in flavor. Their cuisine is generally influenced by Italian cuisine with tomatoes and pasta, Mediterania with olive oil, Turkey with the meat, and Arabs with spices. One of the Greek cuisine is quite heavy influence of Italian cuisine is Pastitsio, which use macaroni pasta.


  1. Comment by Olivia:

    Japanese foods is delicious, no… French food is delicious, no… Italian foods is delicious too. I am confuse, I think all of them is delicious! :-)

  2. Comment by Elric:

    I prefer Chinese foods! the seafood is delicious.

  3. Comment by DrGes44:

    So Austrian is master to make any kind of cake? looks so delicious!

  4. Comment by hanusu:

    Japanese teriyaki is delicious.
    but yakiniko also ok, I like all of it.


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