The Difference of Wine, Champagne, Whisky, Vodka and Beer

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Here are some alcoholic drinks that we often hear his name. However, may of us do not know and understand a lot about the meaning and differences between each type of alcoholic beverage is. In addition to understanding, the following will also be added with health benefits. Because these drinks actually have positive benefits, if taken correctly by serving as appropriate.

  • Wine
wine in glass

Wine in glass

Wine is one of the alcoholic beverage, made ​​from grapes. Fruit wines are often used as the raw material is the type of Vitis vinifera wines, which generally live in the area of ​​30-50 degrees latitude north and south. There was also a type of fruit wine, made from fruit other than grapes, with alcohol content between 8% to 15%.

Wine samples

Positive benefits:
Wine has many substances that are beneficial to the body. Content of Calcium, Potassium, Iron and Magnesium in wine, could be useful to nourish the heart, muscle, blood vessels and bone cells. Plyphenol concentration in it can reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer. While the benefits of its vitamin C, can strengthen the immune system. There are also rich in vitamins B, very good for the nerves and digestion.

  • Champagne

Champagne sprays

This is a bubbly white wine, produced from the Champagne region, France. Reims is one of the famous champagne producing region. Champagne generally made from pinot noir grapes. Developing a culture that is champagne is usually drunk on special occasions, such as for example in the new year and the championship celebration automotive. If you are a race fan, you’ll often see the celebration of the victory on the podium with a squirt of wine from the bottle which previously shaken.


Champagne samples

Positive benefits:
Consume a glass of champagne can accelerate blood circulation in the body and increase one’s vitality. Because the substance of CO2 contained in the champagne can accelerate the absorption of alcohol in the blood. Therefore, if the consumption of champagne is too excessive can make people drunk faster, compared to consume wine. In addition, a combination of calcium and phosphate has a function to relieve stress. However, the portion consumed champagne should be regulated, so as not to cause detrimental effects.

  • Whisky

Whisky in glass

According to scientists, this alcoholic beverage was first made in the 8th century or the 9th in the Middle East. This drink made from fermented cereals, which has done mashing process. This means mashing process is already crushed, mixed with water and heated. Then the result is the process of distillation before ripened, store in the manner in cask made of wood. Wood is commonly used as it is the oak barrel. Then the distillation technique was brought by Christian monks to Ireland and Britain, so the whiskey is then spread throughout the world and is famous today.


Whisky samples

The positive benefits:
Whisky can be used to cure some disease symptoms. For example, is to prevent the H1N1 virus, because whiskey consumption could increase 30 percent levels of vitamin B6 more in the body.

  • Vodka

Vodka in glass

Vodka is the kind of high alcohol content beverages, clear and colorless. In general, this drink made from fermented and distilled potato. However, current developments, there is also a vodka made from grains like wheat. In general, the contents of this vodka consists of water and alcohol (ethanol) plus a small number of taste substances. Beverage alcohol content is usually very high, between 40% to 80% alcohol.


Vodka samples

Positive benefits:
Based on several studies, one of which were conducted by the Institute of Epidemiology at the University of Muenster, found that drinking beer and vodka in moderation can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. These benefits can also be found in wine.

  • Beer

Beer toast

Beer is the title in general all kinds of alcoholic beverages made by fermentation process from starchy foods and not channeled through the distillation after fermentation process. Because the development of the era, now this beer also has been successfully processed to remove almost all levels of alcohol in it. The drink is then known by the name of beer without alcohol.

Beer samples

Positive benefits:
If consumed in proportion beer can lower cholesterol in the body and increase anti oxidants in the body. With notes, beer consumption is also balanced by setting the correct diet and regular exercise. Even according to some studies, women who consume a little beer in a day, have a risk of dementia in old age 20% lower than in women who do not consume beer.

That is the explanation of the difference between wine, champagne, whiskey, vodka and beer. Indeed, the drink synonymous with the negatives when used to get drunk. However with the consumption of properly, these drinks can actually also provide benefits that are good for health. So it all depends on the people who consume these beverages contain alcohol.


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