In general, there are two kinds of car tires, namely tube tire (standard) and tubeless tire. Typical of tubes tire is wear inner tube inside the tire, while tubeless tires are not. These two types of tires have advantages and disadvantages of each.

Car Tires
Car tires

Tire tube still used by most vehicles, especially cars manufactured in the long year ago generation. This tube tires be able to mounted on any kind alloy wheels, provided that the size of the wheel rim in accordance with the size of the tire. Prices of tube tires is relatively cheaper than with tubeless tires. Likewise if a leak, then the fee is used to patch the tire of this type is cheaper on average.

Inner tube tire

But this tubes tire also has several disadvantages, it will immediately break if embedded nails and likewise if the tire is torn, it must be replaced with new ones. In addition, the tubes tire could not be filled with nitrogen gas, which is cooling the tires if used on a fast moving car.

Weaknesses owned by tire tube is then covered with the presence of the latest tire technology, namely tubeless tires. The advantages of this type of tire is not going to immediately deflated or broken once when it stuck a sharp object. But instead, gas inside the tire will be released slowly. In addition, the tubeless tire has a smaller possibility of torn because on the inside of the tubeless tire coated by special rubber, which bind the whole surface of the tire. These advantages possessed by the tubeless tires, which are not owned by a tubes tires.

Tubeless tires

The advantage of tubeless tires that are able to avoid the hot temperatures found inside the tire, caused by friction of tire and inner tube, as can happen in tubes tire. These advantages would be truer if these tubeless tires filled with nitrogen gas, which has a cool nature as has been mentioned in the beginning.

But the price of tubeless tires are more expensive than the tire tube. So does it cost when it comes to patching the leak case, is also quite expensive. Not only that, the alloy wheels should be used for tubeless tires are a special alloy, which is destined for tubeless tires.

But the weakness of tubeless tires, which on average is a high price, does not really matter if someone is considering safety. Because after all safety is more important than money. Perhaps the reason that causes the car manufacturers, more and apply tubeless tires on their new car production.


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