For now iPad is the ruler of the largest markets in the world of tablet PCs. Already many manufacturers are trying to rival the success of the iPad, but in general they fail to capture market share iPad. The latest information circulating on the tablet PC market is Amazon in the end no power to resist plunging in tablet PC market to rival the iPad. Products from the Amazon named Fire.

Fire PC tablet
Fire PC tablet

According to information, tablet PCs from Amazon is more easily operated even if only using one hand. Operating system used by Fire is Android and has a size of 7 inches. However, there are those who say that this product was not so special, supposing that the Kindle is an expanded function.

Another drawback is the camera and microphone are used. However as a new rival iPad, Fire also has a pledge that can not be denied that is the price pegged to market will be cheaper than the iPad. According to information, tools that are already equipped with wifi and 3G are plan priced at only 199 U.S. dollars. Prices of course would be very attractive to buyers.

Some specification of Fire, the PC tablet of Amazon such as has a weight of only 14.6 ounces, 512 MB ??RAM, covered with Gorilla Glass, 1GHz TI OMAP dual-core CPU and comes with 8 GB internal memory. Others to challenge the benefits of its rivals, it already has a connection with Android AppStore, Kindle books and other media that have been provided free of charge via the Amazon Cloud Storage. Well, now just a matter of time, the Fire is able to compete with the iPad or not, like other products that fail.


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