UEFA Champions League is the most prestigious football clubs league in the world. The team that competed in the league is a football team with the best achievement in their respective countries, in the previous year. So do not be surprised if the Champions League became the arena to proof who is best football club in Europe, or even the world. Because the European soccer championship known as the best in the world. Well, during the UEFA Champions League was held following is a list of football clubs who successfully get the most titles since the league was first held in 1955/1956 up to 2011.

UEFA Champions League
UEFA Champions League

1. Real Madrid
Total winners: 9 times
Country: Spain
Year winner: 1955/1956, 1956/1957, 1957/1958, 1958/1959, 1959/1960, 1965/1966, 1997/1998, 1999/2000, 2001/2002

Real Madrid, Champions 2002

This Spanish football club is indeed extraordinary and already famous as a rich football club. Not only that, the achievements of this football club is also very good. As for the Champions League, this football club should be proud because it was recorded as a football club that won the Champions League trophi most, that is 9 times. Brilliant achievement was won by Real Madrid since the European Champions League was first held.

2. AC Milan
Total winners: 7 times
Country: Italy
Year winner: 1962/1963, 1968/1969, 1988/1989, 1989/1990, 1993/1994, 2002/2003, 2006/2007

AC Milan, Champions 2007

The second position is occupied by the legendary football club from Italy, that is AC Milan. This successful football team won seven league champions trophy. Despite the achievements of club AC Milan is slightly declining over recent years, especially in European competition.

3. Liverpool FC
Total winners: 5 times
Country: United Kingdom
Year Winner: 1976/1977, 1977/1978, 1980/1981, 1983/1984, 2004/2005

Liverpool FC, Champions 2005

Almost 30 years, Liverpool became the most successful club in England, even becoming one of the best in the history of European football, winning four Champions Cup trophy, between the years 1977 to 1984. But in the 90’s, Liverpool’s achievement decreased, until at last began to rise again in early 2000 by winning the treble in 2001, and get their Champions League trophy is the 5th.

4. Bayern munich
Total winners: 4 times
Country: Germany
Year Winner: 1973/1974, 1974/1975, 1975/1976, 2000/2001

Bayern Munich, Champions 2001

FC Bayern Munich or Bayern Munchen is a German football club, which ranks fourth as the top clubs won the Champions league title. In addition to the football field, this club is also the second largest sports club in the world after FC Barcelona with 125,115 members, ahead of Real Madrid, Manchester United, AC Milan and Inter Milan. Meanwhile, domestic achievement, Bayern Munich has won the Bundesliga title 21 times.

5. Ajax Amsterdam
Total winners: 4 times
Country: Netherlands
Year Winner: 1970/1971, 1971/1972, 1972/1973, 1994/1995

Ajax Amsterdam, Champion 1995

This football club is one of the strongest clubs in the Netherlands and also in Europe. Ajax Amsterdam is one of four world football clubs, who have won three major European title, at least once. Successful titles won by Ajax Amsterdam is a UEFA Champions League 4 times, Winners Cup and UEFA Cup. In domestic competitions, Ajax won the Dutch League champion as much as 29 times.


  1. Cary Krogstad

    Now just waiting for UEFA Champions 2011, who is the team that be the winner. whether they are or not.

    1. Etty Keith

      I think Barcelona will get top position after win Champions this year, but I am wrong… still Madrid

    2. Krisalyn

      I think all of we know now who is the winner… BARCA of course! yeah…

  2. Võn Çhampy's

    I love this league

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