History and development of rock and roll music

The popularity of rock and roll all over the world have social impacts that are not thought about before. Rock and roll music does not just affect how to play music, but also lifestyle, fashion, behavior and language of a person.

Elvis Presley, history rock and roll

Elvis Presley

Analysts music is still often debated who the legends of rock n ‘roll. Rolling Stone magazine article published in 2004 stated that Elvis Presley’s first single, the production of Sun Records, titled That’s All Right (Mama) is a rock and roll recording the first in the world.

Rock and Roll used to be called with boogie woogie, in one of the blues rhythm. Its properties are backbeat that is almost always filled with snare drum blows. Female singer Trixie Smith, first using the term “rock and roll” in his song with the title “My Baby Rocks Me With One Steady Roll”, which was released in 1922.

The Rolling Stones

An early form of rock and roll was rockabilly, which combines elements of R&B, blues, jazz, and also influenced by Appalachian folk music and gospel music. In 1940′s, rock and roll was born as the branching between the country and western music, and musical rhythm and blues (R&B).

Embryo of rock and roll can be found in the Five Points slum, New York, in the mid 19th century. In an area that was the scene of the mixing between the rhythmic African dance with European music, especially folk music to Irish dance which is very melodic.

Queen Band

As a counter American rock and roll music, British musicians to create music rock and roll British style, which later known as the British Invasion music and the United Kingdom invasion music, which became the new center of rock and roll. In 1958, a group of Cliff Richard and the Drifters launch a big hit “Move It” that recorded in history as the first single of rock n ‘roll British original music, at once gave birth to a new genre of British rock.

The early decades of 1960, dance music instrumental also became popular in England. Some famous songs of the period for example is Apache by The Shadows and Telstar by The Tornados.

Since the middle of 1960s, the term of “rock and roll” is known for only called with the word “rock”. Since then successively appear various dance genres, ranging from the twist, funk, disco, house and techno.
So do not be surprised if many a famous rock band born from the United Kingdom. Examples is Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Pink Floyd and Queen.

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