Iglo, the Eskimos house

Eskimos house is very interesting to observe is Iglo. Iglo house is already very well known internationally as the home of an Eskimo tribe, because of the unique shape and material. Here is a quick discussion about iglo.

IGLO, the Eskimo tribe house

Iglo, the Eskimos house

How preparation Iglo
Iglo house made of ice blocks arranged in a circle, to resemble the dome. The shape is a half ball. To glue the blocks of ice on the wall iglo, Eskimo tribes do not use a special glue. Adhesive wall are from melt ice that will automatically become a strong adhesive. Melt can occur due to wind.

Entrance iglo
The entrance is usually in the form of an alley iglo. In addition to the driveway, where it is also used as a storage of goods. Long or short entrance is very different, depending on the taste iglo owners. In addition, the entrance is dependent from the plan of these iglo, will serve as temporary or permanent iglo.

Area within iglo
Area within iglo is generally divided into two areas. That is an area of lower and higher areas. Low area in front of the entrance iglo. The goal is to filter and collect the cold which has a higher density. Because this type of air will flow into the lower area. The effect is the higher areas in the iglo will feel more warm, as cold air remains a low density. Area higher in this iglo serve as resting place.

Windows and ventilation iglo
In addition to the ice wall and door, iglo also equipped with a vent or window. The goal of course for air circulation within iglo. Generally the windows are placed just above the entrance hall iglo.


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