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Super fast train on trip

Super fast train technology is growing very rapidly in the world. The latest technology used is maglev train technology, short for magnetically levitated. With this technology trains will float slightly above the rails by a magnetic, then the train movement is driven by induction motor power. This train technology can produce a very fast speed. However, there are also fast trains using conventional wheels like trains in general.

Advantage of this super fast trains are having a lot of passenger carrying capacity and also environmentally friendly, because the pollution is released only ten percent of the pollution of the aircraft. After all, not everyone likes to fly, so the super fast train could be a transportation options choice with the travel time does not differ too much by plane. This is a list of countries in the world with a fast train.

1. Shinkansen, Japan


Japanese reliability in fast train technology began to be recognized by the world when the country launched a fast train for the first time in 1964. The fast train was named Shinkansen or bullet train. Routes served are from the Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka dan Kyoto.

Although at that time the train speed is only around 201 km/h, but it is the fastest train at the time. After 40 years of operation, Shinkansen trains have been carrying 6 billion passengers. Shinkansen trains serving a dense train journey every day, for example at routes Tokyo to Shin-Osaka that every hour passed by six Shinkansen. This​train is given a different name for each route and each type of train. For now the speed Shinkansen has increased rapidly become very fast. For example type Nozomi Shinkansen, which speeds reached 330 km/h.

2. TGV, France


TGV trains are fast trains that use a conventional wheel, and break the record for fastest train with conventional wheel in the world. TGV was built by the second largest railway company maker in the world, namely Alstromsa. At the time of its launch in the year 80′s, this rail route serves only Lyon and Paris. However, at present this train route has been serving cities in other countries in Europe. The technology used is supercharged engine and has a large carriage wheels. The train which has the latest generation of TGV v-150 this could break the record speed of up to 574.8 km/h.

3. InterCity Express and Transrapid, Germany


InterCity Express (ICE) is a fast train that was built by the Siemens company, a large company from Germany. Inauguration done in the 90′s, and began to serve routes Hanover, Wurzburg, Mannheim and Stuttgart. At the initial launch train is able to reach speeds of 280 km/h.


In addition, Germany also build another fast train that has a maglev technology, the Transrapid, which is capable of driving with a speed of 550 km/h. However, this train never had an accident in 2006 and killed 23 passengers.

4. Shanghai Maglev Train and CRH2, China

Shanghai Maglev Train

China also has a fast train that uses maglev technology, and brought the German technology. As fast maglev train others, this train also has a very high speed with a maximum speed of 430 km/h. However, for operational the train speed will be limited up to 350 km/h only.


For now, China has a new railway CRH2 models that reportedly will be the fastest train in the world. The train is a change from the E2-1000, Japan’s Shinkansen series design.

5. Korean Train Express (KTX), South Korea

The technology used by KTX is adopting the technology in use by the TGV, France’s fast train. Operation of the railway was started in 2004 with the ability to speed up to 303 km/h.

6. Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR), Taiwan

This super fast train is experiencing some delays before finally launched its operation in 2008. The technology used is to adopt a Japanese fast train, Shinkansen.

7. Direttissima, Italy

This train speed reaching 254 km/h. The first time the launch is to route Rome and Florence.

8. Eurostar, UK


Eurostar was launch for first in 1994 and serving the route from London, England to Paris, France and Brussels, Belgium, through underwater tunnels in the UK canal. For London and Paris routes serving 18-21 trips each day. As for the routes serving London and Brussels 10 times a day. This train uses the 25,000 volts of electricity. The tunnel has been dug in the rock layers beneath the sea. Speed Eurostar now reaches 300 km/h.

That’s the fast train which is owned by several countries in the world that has advanced technology in the field of railways. However, the highest speed record could still be solved by finding the next new technology.

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