List of 10 largest countries in the world

This is a list of the largest countries in the world that the calculation is based on the extensive land and sea in the country. Although the Soviet Union has splintered into several independent states a few years ago, but Russia, which is a part, remains the country with the largest region in the world. Russian territory from the eastern Europe, until the border with Alaska in the United States. This is the complete list of 10 largest countries in the world.

1. Russia, 17,075,200 km2

Russia, largest country in world


Russia is the largest country in the world. It shares borders with the following countries, namely Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, China, Mongolia and North Korea. Russian State extends to all parts of northern Asia and 40% from continental Europe. The country has 11 time zones. Russia also borders the sea to Japan by sea Okhotsk, and Alaska, the United States in the Bering Strait.

2. Canada, 9,976,140 km2

Canada, one of largest country


Territory of Canada occupying most of northern North America. The country stretches from the Atlantic Ocean in the east, to the Pacific Ocean in the west, and to Arctic Ocean. At the south, Canada border with the USA, and in the north, Canada borders Alaska is also a U.S. territory. With a vast territory, Canada became the second largest country in the world.

3. USA, 9,629,091 km2

USA, one of largest country


United States is a constitutional federal republic, consisting of fifty states and the federal district. The country is located in North America and is located between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. USA bordered by Canada to the north, and on the south by Mexico. In addition, USA also has several separate areas of land or island, for example is Alaska which lies north of Canada and the Hawaiian Islands in the Pacific ocean. USA also known as one of the countries in the world who have a variety of races.

4. China, 9,596,960 km2

China, one of largest country


People’s Republic of China is a country known for the most densely populated in the world, which reached 1.3 billion people. China’s capital is Beijing. Actually, if the count is the only land area, China is a country with the largest land area of the world’s number two, but if calculated on a total, then China is the fourth largest country in the world.

5. Brazil, 8,511,965 km2

Brazil, one of largest country


Brazil is a vast country nearly half the South American region, and is the fifth largest country in the world. Some countries that border with Brazil is Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, Bolivia, Peru and Argentina. In the east, Brazil is limited by the Atlantic Ocean.

6. Australia, 7,686,850 km2

7. India, 3,287,590 km2

8. Argentina, 2,766,890 km2

9. Kazakhstan, 2,717,300 km2

10. Sudan, 2,505,810 km2


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