List of 10 most beautiful islands in the World

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One of the attractive tourist destination for a vacation to the island is beautiful and exotic. Quite a lot of beautiful islands around the world. However, in order to become our guide for sightseeing or adventure, there is nothing wrong if we listen to the results of a survey of Travel + Leisure this. This is a list of the most beautiful island in the world according to them.

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

This island is becoming a trend among a group of nature lovers in the world. The reason is, there are many species that humans have not touched here. There are marine iguanas, penguins, sea lions and giant tortoises. Once the lure of species that live on the island, up to a distance of 960 km from the sea, Ecuador seemed not far away. In fact, to take it only be done by using a ship owned by park managers. Still, this island remains an attraction for adventure lovers. The proof, after last year ranked second only after Bali, this year’s top ranked direct Galapagos of the most beautiful island in the world.

Kauai Island, Hawaii

Kauai Island, Hawaii

From position 4 in the previous year, the island soared to position 2. This island once used as the set of Jurassic Park. So if you ever watch this movie, you at least come to know and no doubt it is as beautiful. Kauai is filled with views of hills and beautiful mountains, waterfalls, and vineyards. More than half the island is inaccessible by car, so the best way to down this beautiful island is on foot toward the Na Pali, then ride a boat along the Wailua River, or just a stroll to see the Waimea region.

Island of Cyclades, in Greece

Greece is not only a country of the gods, but Greece also has the beautiful islands like the face of god, one of which is the island of Cyclades. The beauty of this island is located from the villages on the island is beautiful and clean, unspoiled beaches, and seafood restaurants are tempting. Some interesting places on the island is Milos and Naxos, which is rich in archaeological sites, as well as Paros and Antiparos, which is where sailing and windsurfing.

The island of Bali, in Indonesia
From the number one position in the previous year, Bali dropped to fourth position. It may greatly affect the safety factor assessment, this beautiful island. Even so, cultural attraction, and the balance between worldly and spiritual life has to offer this place unprecedented. Plus free promotion of the film Eat, Pray, Love is still a guerilla in the world, foreign tourists would still flock to this paradise island.

Island of Hvar, in Croatia

Hvar Islands, Croatia

Imagine you come to the island where the land is covered like a carpet of pine trees and olive groves. At the edge of the beach, luxury yacht scattered. Amazing is not it? That is why the island of Hvar became a newcomer to the row of most beautiful islands in dunia.Masih not enough, the buildings on the island can also be an attraction itself. The island is also still had a club night and the chic boutiques to luxury. In essence, this is the island that is right for party lovers and those with thick pocket.

Santorini Island, Greece
The island is also a newcomer to the row of the world’s best island. What makes this interesting is the island, this island has a sea bath with color gemstones. In addition, there is also the home of the Eskimo, which are now rare and hard to find. Two main attraction is thats enough to make the resort developers in droves to this place. The photographers are also hunting a place on the island. No doubt, the enthusiast party is tempted to make major parties in this place.

And if you look at the location, including disaster-prone island. Volcanic eruptions occur regularly within a certain time. Earthquakes have occurred in the island in 2009. But still its natural beauty can get rid of the fears of the dangers of these visitors.

Sicily Island, Italy
This is a new island in the list of the most beautiful island in the world. Delicious food is the mainstay of this island. There was also a wine aroma was strong, and villages located on the beach.

But that is also not behind the assessment is the history of Sicily. This island is the birthplace of the Italian mafia. Status is of course a story of its own exciting for visitors on the island. For instance, the twin city of Agrigento and Taormina. In two of this city, visitors can see the history of the Greek leaders who once ruled the island.

Island of Maui, in Hawaii
The island’s soothing eye with a green and beautiful forest. Indeed the island is even more unkempt than the Big Island. Visitors can also do more natural activity, ranging from seeing the flower garden, along the way uphill toward the historic village of Hana, and a stroll around Haleakala, the largest volcano in the world that is no longer active. What also is a pity to miss the arrival of a group of whales that migrate in winter from Alaska to seek the warmer water on the island.

Island of Maldives, in Maldives
Maldives is a small country with many small islands. Of the 1190 islands, only 200 islands are inhabited by humans. Of course, mostly small islands, beaches on the island of Maldives is very beautiful, comfortable, and quiet. So comfortable and quiet beaches on the island, many luxury resorts and even an exclusive resort. One of the famous luxury resort on the island is Dhigu Anantara Resort & Spa and One & Only Reethi Rah. Unfortunately, the island is very easy to tsunami danger, as happened in 2004. Maybe because it ranks the island is to be down from last year’s ranking.

Island of Big Island, Hawaii

The island is located in the southernmost position of the Hawaiian archipelago. Also become the largest island in America. What’s interesting about this island is that there is a very dense rain forests, and charming beach. Visitors of this beautiful island can also be snowboarding and diving .. But actually there is also a place like this island, which is Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. In this place visitors can also see Kilauea, one of the most active volcanoes in the world, which still produce lava.

Although the island has made a list of the most beautiful, until the last position, but you can set your own island which becomes your favorite. Because the assessment of the most beautiful island in the world also influenced the attraction of what makes visitors become attracted to the island. You will also have its own attraction to the islands is not it?


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