List of 10 tallest building in the world

Substitution record of the tallest skyscraper buildings in the world is running very fast and the winner turns. When there is a country who build the tallest building, then there are other countries that establish a new building as the tallest building in the world. Even the tallest building in the world today already reach 3000 ft in high, or almost one kilometer, absolutely high. Not necessarily the tallest building which will now hold the record long enough, because the longer, the ability of people to build tall buildings are increasing rapidly, in line with the development of technology. This is a list of 10 buildings that have a record as the tallest skyscraper in the world today.

1. Nakheel Tower, Dubai

NAKHEEL TOWER, tallest building in the world

Nakheel Tower, Dubai

Dubai is known as a city that has many buildings that have a modern architecture and beautiful. Apparently the record for tallest skyscraper in the world will be held by Nakheel Tower building, whose location is also in Dubai. This building is still under construction and not yet completed one hundred percent. However, targeted to be completed in 2020. The building, designed by Woods Bagot has a height of 3281 ft, or approximately 1km. Wow!

2. Burj Dubai, Dubai

BURJ DUBAI, one of tallest building in the world

Burj Dubai, Dubai

For the tallest building in the world number two is also located in Dubai. The building is building Burj Dubai. High as 2600 ft (793m). The building was completed in 2009. Because Nakhel Tower still under construction, the Burj Dubai building is the tallest building currently is already enabled.

3. Pentominium, Dubai

Pentominium, Dubai

The dominance of Dubai would tallest buildings in the world seems to be difficult to solve. Because of the tallest building in the world’s number three is also located in Dubai, and is still under construction. The name of the building is Pentominium, which stands for the word “penthouse” and “condominium”. Work on this building is estimated to be completed in 2012, with a height of 2028 ft (618.5 m).

4. Russia Tower, Russia

Russia Tower, Russia

The highest building was created by British architects Foster and partners. As the name implies, this building is located in Russia. The altitude is 2009 ft (612.7 m), and is expected to be completed in the wake in 2012.

5. Spire Chicago, United States

Chicago Spire, US, below view

The United States also have a skyscraper that is very high. The incident that befell the World Trade Center, did not dampen the architects there to keep creating a skyscraper. Building the Chicago Spire designed by Spanish architect, Santiago Calatrava. The plan development will be completed in 2012. The height of the building reaches 2000 ft (610 m).

6. Makkah Clock Royal Tower, Saudi Arabia

Makkah Clock Royal Tower, the big clock

As a country rich in oil, Sauri Arabia are also not left behind to enliven the world’s tallest building record, relying on building Mekkah Clock Royal Tower. The altitude is 1893 ft (577.3 m), and construction will be completed in 2010. This building is a building with a clock, the planned size of this clock will be five times greater than the clock Big Ben in London.

7. China 117 Tower, China
This building is not finished. Construction is scheduled for completion until 2013. This building will become the tallest building in China if the construction is complete, with a height of 1870 ft (570.3 m). Located in Tianjin, China.

8. Doha Convention Center Tower, Qatar
Qatar come complete record of the world’s tallest building owned by Arab countries. After Dubai and Saudi Arabia, Qatar has a high building Doha Convention Center Tower located in Doha. Planned altitude was 1808 ft (551.4 m) and construction will be completed in 2012. Apparently in 2012 there will be some skyscraper is to be completed. Developers building is Qatari Diar.

9. One World Trade Center, United States

ONE WORLD TRADE CENTER, one of tallest building in the world

One World Trade Center, new in one tower

This building was prepared as the new face of the World Trade Center, once destroyed by terrorists. High building is 1776 ft (541.7 m) and will be completed in 2013. Its location is the same as the location of the World Trade Center before, namely in New York, United States. This building is called “Freedom Tower”, and designed by architects from the United States alone, namely David Childs.

10. Burj Al Alam, Dubai
As discussed in the beginning, Dubai is a skyscraper warehouse. Burj Al Alam in Dubai which was completed in 2011 with a height of 1674 ft (510.6 m). This is one of the world’s tallest building designed by architects from Japan, the Nikken Sekkei. The name of this building is in English means “World Tower”.

That list of tallest skyscraper in the world, whether it is already completed and which is still under construction. It is quite interesting, the Petronas towers are a couple of years ago had occupied the first position as the world’s tallest building, now will not even enter the top 10 as the tallest building in the world. From here we can deduce how the rapid development of the world’s tallest building.


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