List of 5 Poorest Countries in the world

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In addition to publishing a list of the richest countries in the world for 2010, Global Finance magazine of the United States also issued five poorest countries in the world. Are you curious about the list of the poorest countries this? You can see for yourself whether your country is included in it or not. This is a list of the world’s poorest countries:

1. Republic of Congo

Hard live in Congo

Congo rebel-controlled by soldiers, occupies the number one position in the world’s poorest countries, gross domestic product (GDP) per capita population of the Congo, only U.S. $ 342 per year. Congo’s GDP level of U.S. $ 10.7 billion in 2008. Sector, its economic mainstay is agriculture, such as coffee, wood products, and natural resources such as diamonds, gold and oil. Location of the Congo is a country on the African continent. Congo is an area of 342 thousand square kilometers, with a population of only 3.7 million inhabitants. 74 percent of Congo’s population live in poverty. Relatively low life expectancy at 55 years.

2. Zimbabwe

Less valuable money at Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is the second poorest country in the world. The level of GDP per capita of the population of Zimbabwe is U.S. $ 365 per year. The economy of this country on the African continent, relying on agriculture such as cotton, tobacco, and mining such as gold and platinum, as well as the textile industry. Zimbabwe’s economy is often chaotic. Zimbabwe is a country with the highest inflation record in the world. Even ever at 11.2 million percent in August 2008. Zimbabwe is also known as a country that has issued the largest currency denomination in the world, the 100 billion Zimbabwe dollar. It’s the currency denomination ever in the world.

3. Burundi
Third poorest country in the world occupied by Burundi. The location of these countries are in Africa. GDP per capita citizens of Burundi at U.S. $ 410 per year. Country’s GDP is only U.S. $ 1.1 billion, in 2008. Foreign exchange reserves are also very small, only U.S. $ 322 million. With a total area of 27 thousand square kilometers, a population of Burundi to reach 8.1 million inhabitants. Of the total population, as much as 93.4 percent of the population living in poor conditions. Life expectancy is only 49 years.

4. Liberia

The conflict in Liberia

Liberia occupies the fourth position as the world’s poorest countries, with GDP per capita of U.S. $ 434 per year. Total GDP of this country amounted to U.S. $ 870 million and relying mostly on agriculture income, such as rubber, coffee and chocolate. Although the extent of 111 thousand square kilometers in the African continent, the population of Liberia was just 4.13 million people. Most or 94.8 percent also live in poverty.

5. Eritria
Location Eritria country is in East Africa. Eritria is the fifth poorest country in the world. The level of GDP per capita of U.S. $ 676 per year. Eritria economy relies on agriculture, such as tobacco, cotton, sorghum and cattle, as well as industrial sectors such as textiles, cement and food. Eritria total GDP of U.S. $ 1.6 billion in 2008. Eritria an area of 117 square kilometers with a population of only 4.9 million inhabitants.

That list of poorest countries in the world for 2010. It is worthy to note is the fifth country in the world of Africa. It appears that many African people who had to fight hard to get out of the crush of poverty. Hopefully his administration could improve their living standard.


  1. Comment by Sau Gambold:

    I am very sorry for the residents in the country. even to eat it they do not have enough money.

  2. Comment by Ashely Marr:

    That is not a good news to hear there some country with so difficult economy, I hope they can grow and life better someday.

  3. Comment by Gordon Brown:

    Poor and not healthy country… I feel sorry for them.


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