List of most visited sites in the world

Here is a list of 10 sites that get most visitors in the world. In the Internet world, sites with many visitors means everything. Because it is identical to the income of a site and that means is money.

The following list is a list of sites that are based on the order of the most widely seen. Not based on a measure of how long these visitors view the site, or is not measured where it comes from these visitors. The advent of site visitors can search engines, with direct visitors to the site url address, and could also be of promotions conducted by the site. But whatever the outcome, a site that many visitors is the famous site.

1. Google

GOOGLE, most visited sites in world unique logo

To order this one, do not need to be in doubt again. Almost all internet users know this site. In fact most of us might’ve come from a site when search for information or site at the internet. That site is As already known to many people, Google is a search engine site. Millions of people use this site every day. So it is feasible if Google gets the sequence number one as a site most visitors in the world.

2. Facebook logo

Regarding the social networking site, remains the most popular for the moment. The majority of internet users use Facebook to interact with others. Regarding visitors, up far more than Friendster or Twiter. Perhaps also you are one of the people who often spend long hours to air up the.

3. Youtube
Youtube is a site for hosting and sharing videos. This site is often visited by people who want to see or share video. That said, YouTube is a social networking-themed video.

4. Yahoo

YAHOO, one of most visited site in the world

Yahoo logo

If you are a user of, you do not need to be discouraged. Indeed has a pretty big rival as a search engine, which is But the visitors and users of in the world is still very large. So become the most visited site in the world order of number four.

5. Live

6. Baidu

7. Wikipedia

Wikipedia logo

Wikipedia is a site that contains about all kinds of information and knowledge. This site is much visited in the world, because it can be a reference or a reference for people who want to find out about specific information. Wikipedia provides the most complete information for everything for their visitor. Their motto be “The free encyclopedia”.

8. Blogger is a site that provides facilities to create a blog or personal site for free. This blog is a free blogging service owned by Google. Perhaps because of the big companies (Google), and also free of charge, causing the site has become one of the most visited and utilized by Internet users.

9. MSN is a site search engine which is owned by microsoft. Although owned by the world’s largest software company, MSN still unable to compete with Google or Yahoo.

10. Tencent

Because the Internet world is very dynamic, so that list can change from time to time. But usually not too drastic. Well, when approximately XfileXplore will be one of them.


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    To the one who blathered about the Tea Party agenda, as if everybody agreed it was a problem, please consider this viewpoint. And about ten more from different angles.

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    We truly appreciate your site post. There are a multitude of approaches we could put it to decent use with the help of little or no effort in time and resources. Thank you very much pertaining to helping have the post respond to many concerns we have had before now.

  4. Comment by Jason lewis:

    Thanx for the list. what about the sites from the”middle class”..i’m talking about a classification property not this big a** giants companies.

  5. Comment by Carly Riopelle:

    Wow they are most visited website… cool. Maybe better if it completed with total visitor each day. Nice information.

  6. Comment by Wirremiody:

    Always Google number 1. I think Google have been so many years on the top!


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