List of the 5 richest countries in the world

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After the year 2010 passed, finally can be known five richest countries in the world for 2010. This list is a list prepared by the magazine Global Finance, the United States. Perhaps you are one of the residents in the country.

1. Qatar


Qatar is one of the world’s rich oil and gas. The country was in the Middle East region. Even Qatar is a country which is the largest gas exporter in the world. The country has an area Tootal 11,586 square kilometers, with a population of only 1.15 million inhabitants in 2009. GDP per capita is U.S. $ 90,149 per year, in 2010. Basically, the property is owned by Qatar from oil and gas industry which became its flagship. f

2. Luxembourg


A small country in continental Europe, namely Luxembourg, occupies the second position as the world’s richest countries. GDP per capita is U.S. $ 79,411 per year. Luxemburg is a small country with an area of only 2500 square kilometers. The population is also very small, only 490 thousand people in 2006. Luxembourg is known as one of the countries that rely on economies of central services and financial services. Many of the rich world who keep their money in Luxembourg. More than 86 percent of the GDP of Luxembourg, which is worth U.S. $ 54 billion, comes from service industries. However, Luxembourg is also known by the world famous company, such as Evras Group (material), ArcelorMittal (steel), RTL Group (media), and Tenaris (oil).

3. Norway
Norway occupies the third position as the world’s richest countries, with GDP per capita of U.S. $ 52,964 per year. The State situated in the northern part of the European continent has a population of very small, only 4.7 million inhabitants. Its area is 323 thousand square kilometers. Norway is an oil exporter country and its derivative products, machinery and equipment, metals, chemicals, ships and fisheries. Norway’s GDP reached U.S. $ 449 billion in 2008, relying on industry and services. A number of big companies from Norway are Statoil (oil and gas), Orkla (food and beverages), Yara International (chemistry) and Telenor (telecom).

4. Singapore


Singapore occupies the fourth position with a GDP per capita of U.S. $ 52,840 per year. Singapore is located in Southeast Asia is a small island country. Area of Singapore is only 699 square kilometers. Singapore’s total foreign exchange reserves were U.S. $ 187 billion, at the end of December 2009, and the country’s total GDP amounted to U.S. $ 181 billion at the end of 2008. Singapore relies on income as a center for services and financial services in Asia. Many of the rich Asian funds in the country.

5. Brunei Darussalam
Brunei is one of a small country in Southeast Asia. The total area of 5765 square kilometers with a population of 400 thousand people. The total population of Brunei’s GDP per capita is U.S. $ 48.7 million. With a total GDP of U.S. $ 11.5 billion, Brunei’s economy relies on oil and gas industry. Affairs of the kingdom, led by Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, one of the richest man in the world, this is a country that has abundant oil wealth.

That list of the richest countries which succeeded in gather for 2010. Whether for 2011 list will be changed? We’ll see at the end of 2011.


  1. Comment by Fasuyi Gbenga normalway:

    Infact,its wil be a pleaure to me if i can have opportunity to work in any of the countries

  2. Comment by Syble Tosto:

    I am just know that richest not always biggest


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