List of the best guitarist in the world

The following is a list of 10 world’s greatest guitar player in the world all of time. However, the names below are debatable, because when talking about music, can not be separated with a name of “tastes”. However, the guitarist names below should not be denied that they are very striking guitar. These are the names of the world’s best guitarist.

1. Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix, guitarist

Jimi Hendrix

Many guitarist of the band, especially rock, which assumes that Jimi Hendrix is​their teacher about the guitar playing techniques. So it isn’t wrong if Jimi Hendrix dubbed as The Guitar Gods. This man was born on November 27, 1942 in Seattle, United States, under the name Johnny Allen Hendrix. Jimi ability in playing the guitar since he was a child. At the time, he was idolized hero guitar at that time such as BB King, Muddy Waters, Buddy Holly, and Robert Johnson. His first guitar was an acoustic guitar, giving his father in the summer, 1958. With joined the music group “The Velvetones”, his life as a guitarist continued to rise and succeed.

2. Joe Satriani

Joe Satriani, guitarist

Joe Satriani

Joe Satriani, first learned guitar at the age of 14 years old. Ability and perseverance to play guitar is growing very rapidly. Even at the age of 15 years, Joe has been teaching guitar to some of his students, which is also a famous guitarist, among others Steve Vai, Kirk Hammett (Metallica) and Larry LaLonde (Primus). Steve Vai even been revealed that during Joe Satriani still working, he will not lose inspiration. So can imagine that this guitarist is also highly idolized by others world guitarists.

3. Steve Vai

Steve Vai, guitarist

Steve Vai

Steve Vai known as guitar god that flamboyant and versatile. His ability to play the guitar very tested, be it in the blues, jazz, rock, even with classical and ethnic music. Steve Vai started his career with his debut album Flex-Able Leftovers, in 1984. In 1990, Steve released his second album entitled “Passion and Warfare”. The album received international recognition, and Steve won the Guitar Player magazine reader’s poll, in 4 different categories. That is one of the musical public recognition about the ability of Steve Vai playing guitar.

4. John Petrucci

John Petrucci, guitarist

John Petrucci

He is one of the most popular progressive guitarist. John Petrucci grew up on Long Island, precisely in King Park, where she went to school with John Myung and Kevin Moore. John began to learn guitar at the age of 12 years. Actually at the age of 8 years he has never learned to play guitar, but gave up when he saw his older sister had to stay up every night to learn to play the organ.

5. Yngwie Malmsteen

Yngwie Malmsteen, guitarist

Yngwie Malmsteen

Yngwie Malmsteen is a hero and pioneer guitarist shredder in world from Sweden. After Eddie Van Halen (Van Halen) was first brought the song “Eruption”, in 1978, who introduced the technique of “two handed tapping”, Yngwie released his debut album, classical baroque shred “Rising Force “, the rock guitar community stir, create a new standard for speed and skill in playing guitar. Color “Neo-Classical” which brought Yngwie, is based on the structure of the composition of JS Bach (1685-1750) and Niccolo Paganini (1782-1840).

6. Paul Gilbert

Paul Gilbert, guitarist

Paul Gilbert

Paul Gilbert is one of the world’s great guitarists, like Steve Vai, Yngwie, John Petrucci and others. Previously, Paul was known through his band’s famous group, namely Mr.Big, Mr.Big-selling recording helped raise the name of Paul Gilbert in the world of rock music. Actually Paul Gilbert was famous in the world in 1986-1987, as the world’s fastest guitar player, when he still joined the group band Racer X. Guitar technique was perfect when he was only 17 years. Paul Gilbert learn the guitar at age 5 years, in 1971. On 10 next year, 1981, Paul tried to send a demo tape to producer Mike Varney, and unexpectedly Mike really admire his playing, in addition to Tony Macalpine.

7. Nuno Bettencourt

Nuno Bettencourt, guitarist

Nuno Bettencourt

He is a great guitarist who pioneered color metal funky music. Nuno Bettencourt is a rock guitarist best in the rhythm guitar. Several other guitarists can match his prowess rhythm only several people, for example are John Petrucci, Darren Housholder and some other metal funk players.

8. Eddie Van Halen

Eddie Van Halen, guitarist

Eddie Van Halen

As described earlier, Eddie Van Halen is the pioneer of two-handed tapping technique. Two handed tapping technique or the so-called tapping alone, has managed to be absolutely amazing rock guitarist more than half of those in America. Not only the tapping technique, he also popularized the hard rock guitar playing style is very different from most guitar rock that is quite thick with shades of blues. Guitar solo that was exhibited at the song “Eruption” in his group’s debut album, Van Halen, surprisingly became the main conversation rock guitarists were the days.

9. Michael Schenker

Michael Schenker, guitarist

Michael Schenker

When talking about great guitarists from Germany, Michael Schenker would be inserted into one of the greatest guitarists in Germany. It was not surprising, because its ability to play guitar, he can toss the name of Germany, as a country that has a world class guitarist, and able to compete with powerful guitarist from England and America.

10. Brian May

Brian May, guitarist

Brian May

He was the son of a handyman service and electronic musicians. He was joined inherited his father’s talent in the field of soldering and music. But he was able to balance the interest in the technology and musicians and then proceeded to reach a degree in Physics. In his spare time he took a guitar assisted by his father. This homemade guitar who later became famous guitar trade-mark, namely Brian May, who always participated in every his appearance.


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