Luxury and famous women’s handbags in world

Since time immemorial, handbags can not be separated from the mode or fashion. At first is when people feel on the shirt or pants pocket was no longer able to accommodate luggage, thus create a handbag. Fashion houses in the world also do not miss in producing high quality handbags, nice and even luxurious, especially for women. Similarly, the celebrity world also often makes these handbags as part of their appearance. Among the many brands of women’s handbags that exist in the world, there are some which have always been hunting by fashion lovers, like the following handbags.


Lauren Conrad, Sophia Bush with Chanel 2.55

Lauren Conrad, Sophia Bush with Chanel 2.55

Chanel 2.55 is women’s handbag designed in leather, which is produced by the fashion house Chanel. At first, Coco Chanel designed this handbag to be used hershelf, cause feeling tired if use handbag that should be carry on continuously by hand. Later she designed the handbag given a thin rope that can hang on the shoulder, so it will be more flexibility when handling dishes or glasses during a party.

Design Chanel 2.55 get very good response from lovers of fashion. In 1954, the design enters the fashion industry and developed into a handbag with double chain which is placed on the shoulder, in 1955. This handbag design has a secret pocket on the inside, which was the place where Coco store love letters. Then there are pockets in the back of the lid outer bag, which is where Coco save a little extra money.

The material of Chanel 2.55 also has the story. Coco was fascinated by horse racing and she wanted to capture the mantle that is used by the horse jockey into the 2.55 handbag design. In 2005, Karl Lagerfeld repopularized the design Chanel 2.55, just made Coco. Until now, the design is still in demand by women’s handbag fashion lovers, not to mention celebrities like Sophia Bush.


Victoria Beckham with Hermes Birkin

Flagship luxury women’s handbag made by Hermes is a Birkin. Birkin has become a symbol of wealth and luxury for the wearer because the price is expensive, around U.S. $ 9,000 to U.S. $ 150,000 and production in limited quantities.

Name of Birkin, taken from the name of Jane Birkin, an artist and singer, who became a symbol of exclusivity. In 1981, Jade Birkin met Hermes, CEO Jean-Louis Dumas, in an airplane trip. This artists was complain because she didn’t have a proper handbag for her weekend event.

In 1982, Hermes made handbag for the artist, which uses black leather supple. It turns out the legendary handbag today and become a symbol of fashion. Birkin handbag sold in various sizes, ranging from 25, 30, 35, to 40 centimeters. There is also a size 50 to 55 centimeters, which is intended to travel. This women’s handbags made from animal skins such as camels, cows and crocodiles. The most expensive precious is that sea water crocodile leather.

This handbag has a wide selection of colors, like dark blue, pink, red, brown, blue, orange, white, black and golden brown. In addition, the bag also comes with accessories of metal, such as keys and buttons. All accessories are plated with gold or palladium. Each bag can be made ​​to order and hidden identity.

One uniqueness of others, Birkin is the women’s handbag without the logo. Many say that having this bag also can mean an investment. Reportedly, Victoria Beckham has more than 100 handbags of this type, with a variety of colors and materials.

Louis Vuitton

Tyra Banks, Jessica Simpsons with Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Maletier is the name behind the fashion house Louis Vuitton or known by the acronym LV. Vuitton fashion house was founded in 1854, in the Rue Neuve des Capucines, Paris. Reputation Vuitton uphill after a bag made of canvas for the Empress Eugenie de Montijo, wife of Napoleon III. In 1867, the company was following the universal exhibition in Paris.

Exhibition Vuitton products received good response from the world of fashion lovers. However, because of his fame, Vuitton products were copied and pirated by others. Therefore, then he designed luggage bags with homemade brown and beige, in 1876. But the plagiarist does not lose the way to create imitation products. Then take the initiative to create Vuitton Damier Canvas pattern, with the logo “marque L. deposee Vuitton”. When the company changed hands to his son, Georges Vuitton, emerging innovations a hand monogram canvas which is patented worldwide.

The patents are able to stop counterfeiting, as well as deliver Vuitton women’s handbags and luggage into one of the best-selling fashion accessories in the world. LV brand lovers were always waiting for various collections of luxury women’s handbags their production. Among the celebrities who love wearing the LV handbag are Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson.

Bottega Veneta

Sarah Jessica, Reese Witherspoon with Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta was founded in 1966, by Michele Taddei and Renzo Zengiaro, by making crafts from leather material. Most of the goods produced by the fashion house is by using a weaving technique (intrecciato). The goods are made especially with the hands of Italian artists. The fashion house does not include logo design on the product.

Bottega Veneta pamor had dimmed in 1990. Fortunately in 2001 the fashion house was shining again after being acquired by Gucci Group. In the hands of creative director Tomas Maier, the hallmark woven leather resurrected as a brand Bottega Veneta, the launch of the spring and summer collection 2002.

Bottega Veneta One of the products favored by celebrities the world is a women’s handbag that has a characteristic webbing neat, like a mat. Lots of celebrity world and upper class socialite who has a women’s handbag from Bottega. Some examples of celebrities who use these handbags are Reese Witherspoon Steps and Sarah Jessica.


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