Mount Roraima, the largest flat mountain in world

Mount Roraima is a unique mountain, beautiful and fascinating. This mountains area are stretched in the territory of Venezuela, Guyana and Roraima, a state of Brazil, South America. The mountain is shaped differently than the other mountains in the world which in the form of volcanic rock with the peak of the plains. This mountain has an altitude of 2,810 meters above sea level, with the highest peak located in Guyana. Roraima mountain scenery looks so beautiful when the clouds come down, because the Roraima mountain looks like the top of table above the clouds.

Mount Roraima, top flat mountain

Mount Roraima, top flat mountain

To facilitate visitors reach the top of the mountain, the Venezuelan government provides special ladder lane. As for the adventurers, many of them are doing rock climbing activities. In these areas, the rain almost every day, so that immerses the roots of plants that spread over the flat roof of Mount Roraima. The result is a very unusual, top of the mountain became clean from a big plant, so it looked like a clean desk surface.

Mount Roraima became famous throughout the world began in 1912. When was Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was doing the climb to Mount Roraima, to writing fiction novel entitled “The Lost World”. The climbing was done to explore in search of research prehistoric plant species and dinosaurs, which are believed to live in an isolated and unchanged for millions of years at the top of the mountain.

Mount Roraima highlands

Mount Roraima highlands

People who encourage Conan-Doyle is a botanical exploration from England, named Everard Im Thurn. The botanist was the first person to summit Mount Roraima on 18 December 1884, with his friend named Harry Perkins. Actually Im Thurn and Perkins is not the first European who see Mount Roraima, because of the German explorer named Robert Schomburgk, who was a scientist, ever saw it first in exploring the area Britains Royal Society in 1838.

Im Thurn and Perkins climb Mount Roraima from the southeast, climbing area is now called by Im Thurn route, which is the only one of the easiest ways to reach the summit of Mount Roraima. During the expedition, Im Thurn had to struggle through a distance of hundreds of kilometers, with over rivers and wild forests, and wild animals are dangerous to reach the top, because at that time the condition of Mount Roraima is still very natural.

Mount Roraima, beauty view above the clouds

Beauty view above the clouds

After Im Thurn and Perkins, many British scientific expedition who came to collect and conduct research on the flora and fauna peculiar in Mount Roraima and produced many new species there. Because of such beauty, Mount Roraima has been designated as world heritage site list by the United Nations.


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