Proper care of car tires

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Many car owners who neglect the condition of the tires when driving a car. While tires are one component of a car that is very influential on the driver and passenger safety. In addition, car tires also affects the comfort of a car when driven. Therefore, there are some important things that must be considered for the treatment of car tires, so function and comfort of the car can be obtained optimally.

Tire markings

Tire markings

Knowing when tires should be replaced

At the car tire, there is term of TWI (Tread Wear Indicator). TWI is characterized by a small triangle. If the lines outside the car tire is close to TWI, it is a sign that the tires was supposed to be replaced. A car tire if worn, the ability to throw water on the track wheel will be much reduced. The result is a car braking distance will be getting longer.

In addition, the side of the tire also has the possibility to tear, because the exposed sharp objects when steered. For such conditions, the TWI can not serve as a reference. Although conditions TWI is still good, if tires have been torn, it will be more easily explode when used.

Other disorders that can occur in car tires is an uneven surfaces or there was a bump. The cause in generally is due to rupture of steel wire or the threads in the tire, due to excessive air pressure in car tires. Tires in this disorder, can be repaired.

Tire Compositions

Weather conditions that drastic in car tires, can also cause cracks to tire. For example, in hot weather, suddenly tire tracks through the water that is very cold, then the surface of the tire could have cracked. Fine cracks that occur in tires caused by the loss of anti-oxidants found on car tires, exposed soil, or less air pressure inside. Therefore this condition must be prevented not happen to a car tire.

Meanwhile, as a long service life, the tire will also be susceptible to leakage. Moreover, if tires have been too often patched in a long time. Therefore, tire life is also considered although the car tire is rarely used. Therefore there is no harm in replacing the car with new tires, if the tires have been too long never replaced.

Rotate tires regularly

Because of the use, car tires would have worn. But the wear that occurs on each wheel in a car, not necessarily the same between the tires on one side with a tire on the other side. This condition if left unchecked will create spooring and balancing the car becomes uneven.

Tires rotation

Strategies to extend the life of the tire against wear is to do a tires rotation on a regular basis. Even tire wear is not experiencing any damage should also be rotation. Ideally, tire rotation done after a distance of 5,000 km.

Rotation of tires on the car must be eligible symmetrical, so the tire does not violate the tire groove function, as wasters in the wet road. One example to rotate tires on front wheel drive cars are as follows. Right front wheel removed and used as a spare tire. The rear left tire moved as the right front wheel. The left front tire moved back as the rear left tire. Rear right tire, moved as the front left tire. Meanwhile, a car tire on the rear right was replaced with spare tire.

As for cars with rear wheel drive, the rotation may be illustrated as follows. Front right tire, moved back as the left rear tire. Left front tire as right rear tire. Right rear tire moved forward to the front right tire. Left rear tires had been moved forward to the front left. Meanwhile, spare tire made by the right rear tire.

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