Honeycomb architecture

Sinosteel International Plaza is a new skyscraper that will stand majestic in China. As is known, in addition to Dubai, China is also a country that is active enough to build tall buildings that have a form of beautiful design and amazing. One of the beautiful building that will adorn the city of Tianjin, China, is the new Sinosteel International Plaza building. This building is still under construction and expected to be completed in 2012.

Sinosteel International Plaza

The uniqueness of this new skyscraper is a form of architecture which is inspired by the form of honey bee hives. this honeycomb shaped building designed by MAD. Outside the framework of this building will form hexagonal, such as the form contained in the honey bee hive. Because it is so sturdy honeycomb design, then only by using the order outside of these buildings are actually sturdy enough to handle the weight of the building. So this building will not require too much building reinforcing pillars that must be installed in the middle of building construction such as tall buildings on the other.

Sinosteel International Plaza, at night

This skyscraper, the future will be planned adjacent to a hotel as high as 87m which has the same architecture with the building. Meanwhile, Sinosteel International Plaza will have a height of 358 m from the ground level.

Hexagonal window
Inside building view
Outside building view

This honeycomb design has a beautiful shape, viewed both from inside or from outside the building. Inside the building, form a view out of the building will use a glass window which is also hexagonal in accordance with the construction outside the building. While on the outside, the building design is very aerodynamic, so that the effect of wind and sunlight so optimal. Even according to its designer, the shape of this building will give the effect of a stable temperature inside the building. Namely, when the air temperature outside is so hot, the temperature inside the building will stay cool. Whereas once the air temperature outside is so cold, the temperature inside the building will stay warm, so it will remain comfortable for the occupants of the building.

Construction form
Outside construction

In the measurement of height, this new skyscraper is not the tallest building in the world. But the forms of creative and unique architecture is a masterpiece from the world of modern architecture.

This detailed information about building Sinosteel International Plaza:
Client: SINOSTEEL International Plaza (Tianjin) Ltd
Status: under construction. To be completed 2012.
Programme: Office, Hotel, Service Apartment
Site Area: 26,666 sqm
Building Area: 350,000 sqm
Building Height: 358m
Director in Charge: Ma Yansong, Qun Dang
Design Team: Eric Spencer, Liu Xiaopu, Tony Yam, So Sugita, Zhao Wei, Wang Xingfang, Li Jieran, Lu Lu
Associate Architects/Engineers: Jiang Architects & Engineers


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