The beauty of tulips farm in Holland

Tulips farm in Holland

Tulips and windmills

Tulips are one type of flower which is identical with the Netherlands, could even be said tulips have become icons of Holland, besides of course the windmills. In this country, tulips are not only used as garden ornaments but also become a commodity exports to other countries, worth billions of dollars, for example exported to Germany or the United States. So do not be surprised if in the Netherlands found a lot of tulip plantations in a very wide area.

tulip field in Holland

Beauty like painting

Tulip flowers usually bloom when the Dutch entered the spring, namely in May. Flower seeds are usually planted in late October. Tulip is a flower that requires cool temperatures to grow, because that interest is very suitable to be planted in cold countries like the Netherlands, and is not suitable at planting in a country that has a tropical or desert climate.

Plantation famous tulips in the Netherlands which is often used as a tourist destination is the plantation Keukenhof. The plantation has a vast territory and acres and is a much visited tourist destination in the spring. Plantation is not only attractive to women, but also become an attractive and unique tourist destination for man or family.

Tulip farm in Holland

Tulip farm in Holland

beauty tulips

Beautiful tulips

tulip farm areas

Tulip farm areas

colorful tulips

Colorful tulips

tulips color arrangement

Tulips color arrangement

tulip farm visitors

Tulip farm visitors

tulip farm at dusk

Tulip farm at dusk

Tulips planted in a very wide planting area provides beautiful views when the colorful tulips that are blooming over the farm. Examples can be seen from the pictures below. The sight of a garden or plantation tulips really very beautiful because the flower color very vary. Call it something blue, yellow, green, purple, white, and so forth. If the image under the note, like a stroke of color on a paper drawing, but no, the picture below is the real picture about so beautiful and amazing tulip plantation which exist in the Netherlands.


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