The reason why Hermes bags were expensive

Hermes is a brand of handbag which is a symbol of one’s status and luxury. It can not be denied because the Hermes handbag have expensive prices and bags with a market society on board, the world celebrity for example.

Birkin bag

Birkin bag

Prices are very high Hermes bag is not without reason. However, there are several reasons that make these high-priced bags. Hermes bags often become a status symbol the world famous socialite. The most popular brand is the Birkin Bag.

The history of the creation of Birkin handbags is the result of artist Jane Birkin vent to Jean-Louis Dumas, Hermes. In 1981, Jane had traveled one plane with Dumas. At that time Jane felt inconvenience with his bag. When Jane was trying to put his bag on top of an airplane seat, but it later spilled and messy.

These events make Jane vent to Dumas. He complains that it is difficult to find a quality leather bag and functional for traveling. It turns out Jane’s complaint is sustained with seriously by Dumas. Then Dumas tried to make a bag that was inspired by a similar bag model in 1892. The result was, in 1984, created the works of Hermes for Jane Birkin, who later became one of the famous and iconic bag in the world.

Since then, the Birkin bag into a bag of rare luxury. As a famous brand, Hermes has always tried to maintain the image of their products, the famous exclusive and prestigious. The company that was built in 1837 is trying to get the products they have can only be owned by certain people, mostly upper-class society or a famous person.

The result is a Hermes bag is not just a product of fashion, but as a symbol of status. Some examples of celebrities the world has ever seen in the media are using these bags are Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes.

Kim Kardashian Hermes

Kim Kardashian Hermes

As for the price of a Birkin bags can range from USD $ 8,000 up to USD $ 20,000. But the price of these bags of course depends on the materials used for making bags, ornaments and exclusivity that accompanies the bag. The main ingredient used this gracious Birkin bag is leather. All kinds of leather used for this bag, ranging from cow leather, sheep leather, ostrich skin, snake, reptile and crocodile. For example just for bags made from ostrich leather, Birkin bags made from ostrich skin part the buttocks, which feels softer than the other ostrich leather.

As for decorations, the padlock, keys and other parts made of metal, to lavish gold plated or palladium. Not infrequently, for some bags using a few grains of diamond which of course would make it more expensive bags.

Even in an auction, a Hermes handbag ever sold up to USD $ 203,150. Bag was purchased by a collector bags that do not want to mention his identity, which is a red bag made of crocodile skin and equipped with a diamond.

In order to maintain exclusivity, Hermes does not produce goods for mass production. All the products is done by hand in particular. The process of cutting, sewing and finishing, is done by an expert with a very high accuracy. Special stitches that are characteristic of Hermes is one very important factor, which makes Hermes bags into one bag of high quality.

To manufacture one Hermes bag production takes 24-36 hours. This time is counted long enough, for the production of bags today. Because Hermes bag is done one by one, then there is no similar detail Hermes bag from each other. Meanwhile, to maintain quality if there is a defect at the time of production only slightly, the bag will be incorporated into exile and destroyed. If the bag is manufactured not in accordance with the standards, then it may not be sold and must be destroyed in order to maintain quality.

Several years ago to have a Birkin bag is not easy. Buyers can not immediately come to the store and buy a Birkin bag. However, one must be able to enter the waiting list in advance even up to 6 years to get a Birkin bag that they crave.

However, to satisfy his fans, Hermes now no longer impose waiting list system. If the bag is desired by buyers ready stock then the buyer can immediately bring home bags are desired by them. As a response to market demand so high making Hermes recruit hundreds of new artisans to strengthen the production of their bags from 2000 workers they already have.

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