The uniqueness of Porsche sports car

Among many world sports car manufacturers, Porsche is one of the prominent and respected brands, which is a manufacturer from Europe. Porsche has its own uniqueness compared to the other world luxury sports car manufacturer and the amount of uniqueness are pretty much. Here’s a summary of ten Porsche uniqueness in their work in the automotive world.

Porsche logo

Porsche logo

1. Hybrid engine inventor

Probably not many people know that hybrid cars that are now developed by world-renowned car manufacturer is the result of the discovery of a Porsche. Call it the Toyota Prius which has been produced in large quantities by Toyota and has been marketed worldwide. Porsche uses hub motors at each wheel, with the electric power supplied from a small generator and battery. So that the car uses power from the battery and gasoline engine. As a pioneer, not be surprised if Porsche makes hybrid-engined supercar which now is the most expensive hybrid-engined cars in the world. Hybrid engines are nothing new for the Porsche.

Vivus 1900, Lohner-Porsche, first electric car in world

2. Boxer engine in the back of the car

In the beginning was in collaboration with VW, Porsche and then continue to use the Boxer engine sports car for their production such as the Porsche 911, Cayman and Boxster. Porsche Boxer engine is very unique, that is capable of producing fast power without consuming a lot of engine capacity. During this time, which is used Porsche Boxer engine has never been consuming engine capacity above 4000cc, despite using the turbo and provide power fastest. So the car can be more powerful engine, the body remains lightweight and compact, making traction engines became lighter and agile as the meandering bend the highway. Remarkably, Porsche never replace the V8 engine for the Porsche 911 which participates in the arena of LeMans and can survive anyway. That means in addition to powerful, Boxer engine has a fairly strong resistance. Cooperation between VW and Porsche, Porsche continues to make the engine put in the back to the Porsche 911. This affected the generation of the VW Beetle was originally rear-engined. But until now this tradition continues, making the Porsche 911 is the only rear-engined sports car in the world.

Porsche back car engine

3. Sports car that never renamed

European sports cars manufacturer on average rename their new car production with a new name. Let’s say Lamborghini, from Diablo into Murcielago, Ferrari Testarossa to Ferrari 550 Maranello. While the Porsche 911 never rename, starting from the beginning the car was produced until now. Changes only made​on production code. For example Porsche 911 (996) followed by the Porsche 911 (997).

4. The design which remains basically oriented

Porsche 911 design does not leave the design of its predecessor. The design is a prominent bonnet with a body design that maintains a frog design and round headlights, although the generation of 996 cars had also strayed from the basic orientation. However, Porsche gradually make changes in design with a world standard car design.

In general, there are two Porsche design, 911 design and Boxster design. Boxster design bringing influences on the Porsche Cayman and Panamera. It is seen from the rear lights the Panamera which is similar to the Porsche Boxster. While the design of 911 had an influence on the design of the Porsche Cayenne. So no wonder the front of the Porsche Cayenne looks like a Porsche 911.

Porsche Boxster rear

Porsche Boxster rear

5. Dare to market the car with one wheel bolts in large quantities.

In general, wheel bolts are used by cars in the streets are numbered 4, 5, or 6 seed. As for the sports cars of today, the average use 5 bolt wheels to be more capable for use on the road. This is different to the Porsche. They are marketing the 911 Turbo, GT3 and GT2, a car with only one wheel bolts. Bolt is not just usual bolt, which is bolt racing that can be performed replacement wheel more quickly during pit stops. But the wheel bolts are relatively more difficult for car mechanics in the market, due to pull out the bolt requires a special tool while not all the mechanics have the tools. Excess bolt single wheel is the wheels are retained strong because use a large bolt and the number is only one. It’s not unusual for Porsche, as they previously had a Carrera GT model which also has single wheel bolt.

one wheel bolt Porsche

6. Give transportation needed by not leaving the aura

Car manufacturer Porsche has managed to answer the needs of many people about the means of reliable transportation. In this case there is an option to choose according to the customer needs. For example, for car racing fans who need legally car that can use in highway, available Porsche 911 GT3 or GT2. As for the sports car that can accommodate passengers in the rear, there is the Porsche Panamera. As for someone who need car that can hit the streets flooded and damaged, they produce the Porsche Cayenne.

Porsche 911 GT2

7. No half-hearted in creating an aura of classical

If other sports cars are abuzz modernization highlight as well as futuristic models, Porsche actually be against the flow. Porsche sell 911 Sport Classic especially for collector cars. Classical aura that carried no half-hearted and brought the car taking part design of the past. As spoilers are embedded in the hood and rear bumper hole which took the 911 Carrera RS designs, as well as the rim that takes the design era of 80′s Porsche 911.

In addition to Classic Porsche 911 Sport, Porsche will make a Porsche 911 Speedster. Speedster design also still use the classic aura with the back of a flat roof, plus Speedster typical curve that serves as a wind deflector. Clearly, the Porsche 911 is still wearing the past as their basic concept.

8. Manual transmission car still sold the most expensive

It is often opposed to other sports manufacturers. If the other sports car manufacturers sell cars dual-clutch transmission as their most expensive type, otherwise Porsche. Porsche still apply the usual manual transmission in the Porsche 911 as their most expensive type of car. Porsche most expensive car type is the GT2. The car is a concept sports car road which is race ready. So racing fans do not need to modify the car all out.

Porsche dashboard

9. More dare to compete with other cars

Porsche’s prowess in the automotive world is the courage to compete with other cars that are likely to cost less and also more sophisticated. Examples of such competition is happening at the Porsche Boxster or Cayman, which is more competitive with Japanese sports car powered 280-300 HP, Porsche 911 that has many rivals and dependent types, Porsche Panamera compete with the Maserati Quattorporte and Aston Martin Rapide, and Porsche Cayenne that competes with the BMW X5 or Range Rover Sport. Even in Japan, Porsche 911 collided with a Nissan Skyline often that has been modified to 500 HP and above.

10. One model has many variants and rivals

If the other luxury sports car has only limited variant of the car hoods and edition. While Porsche gives more than a luxury car manufacturers generally provide. Variants include the Porsche Carrera (most common), Carrera 4 (two-axle), Roadster, Targa (half-open roof car), GT3 (race ready version of the Carrera), Turbo (fast version of the double axle), Turbo Convertible, and GT2 (race ready version of the 911 Turbo). Each type of Porsche also has a rival from the other car manufacturers. Examples are Carrera type that competes with the Jaguar XKR, GT2 which competes with the Nissan GTR, and so on. Porsche is a sports car that has the largest family tree among other sports cars.


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