Tips for buying a used car

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It is important to calculate and pay attention to details about the used cars that we will buy from a dealer or a particular car showroom. Because buying a used car does have a greater risk than buying a new car. Used car, despite having the same brand, its quality will be very different from one car to another because depending on car usage history.

Used Car Dealer

Used car

Do not be fooled, by buying a used car that looks good at the time of purchase, but the car is actually poor quality and only discovered at a later date. Therefore there are certain steps that must be considered when buying a used car as mentioned below.

1. Places to buy a car

Used car dealer

Select a place to buy a used car on a trusted car dealer. It would be better if it is a dealer of your subscription. But if you do not already have it, you should gather information be it through others people or through the media. Do not be too tempted by a used car dealership that offering car with very cheap price. Because it can be the quality of the car was ugly or even a car document is also problematic, for example car from the result of theft and so forth. Note also that bold guarantee given by the used car showroom.

2. Financial capability
Once you get enough information, be it about the car you need and the approximate price of a used car, and also a trusted place to buy a car, you should calculate your financial capability. Do not just calculate the price of used cars only, but you also have to calculate the car tax, car insurance and car maintenance as well when you first purchased.

3. The purpose of buying a car

Choose a car

You have to focus on your goals in buying a used car is. Do not be tempted by a cheaper car, but not in accordance with the main goal you buy a car. For example, if your car will be functioned as a family car, then do not buy a car with two seats only because of the price offered is very cheap.

4. Examine advantages and disadvantages
Make a list of the features you expect from a used car that you buy. Then compare between a used car from one another. Do not forget to pay attention to brands and models of cars, sales value, performance, service, price, and availability of spare parts on the market.

5. Car maintenance history
You can get a used car maintenance history from a list of car insurance claims and also a list of regular maintenance on the car service book. Note, whether the car is used car of public transport, such as taxis and so on, the car was repainted or not, and whether the car is ever get severe flooding or not. It would be better if the service book used car is still there. Cars with good treatment, usually will have relatively more expensive price less than the used car that is not treated.

6. Test Drive
This is a common step is usually done by someone who would buy a car. While doing a test drive, try all the panels and electrical functions in the car, such as headlights, sein, cabin lights, central lock, power windows, audio, dashboard lights, wipers and more. If you’re still not sure of the condition, repeat these checks to ensure that the conditions are still good .

7. Use a car mechanic services

Car mechanic

Car mechanic

Highly recommended to ask assistance of mechanical services your subscription, especially if you do not understand the car engine. On average the car mechanics know what components should be in check before buying a used car. Other benefits is that you can get suggestions from them that important for you.

8. Patience and thinking calmly
Haste and impatience is one of the causes of used car buyers get bad quality cars at high prices. So calm yourself when you’re buying a used car. Do not be too hasty to determine when to find the model car that meets your expectations. And so do not rush to do the transaction when a used car salesman offering a high enough price. Give your time to do more haggling with the car salesman.


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    How would you buy a quality used car say from japan which is miles away say from Kenya. Are there any recommended dealers that would always guarantee value for money?

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