Tips to avoid coronary heart disease

Compulsory for everyone to avoid heart disease, because the disease to be harmful and has claimed many lives. Here are tips to keep our heart healthy and protected from coronary heart attacks.



Exercising regularly
You can do sports activities such as walking, brisk walking or jogging. Sports activities that are not competitive and not too excessive could strengthen the performance of the heart and blood circulation in the body.

Healthy eating
Avoid foods that contain fat or high cholesterol, for example seafood and fried. Should consume foods that are cooked by boiling, steaming or baking. Also avoid foods with high sugar content such as soft drinks. Do not also consume too much carbohydrates, because carbohydrates in the body will be broken down into fat. In contrast, consumption of oats or wheat can help keep heart in order to stay healthy.

Stop smoking
This habit, almost everyone knows that harm health. If you do not want to suffer from heart disease, smoking habits should be stopped.

Consumption of antioxidants
Air pollution, acid motor vehicle, or smoke cigarettes, created the emergence of free radicals in the body. Free radicals can cause deposits in blood vessels which can lead to blockages. For that we need the presence of antioxidants which can capture and dispose of these free radicals. Antioxidants can be obtained by consuming some types of fruits and vegetables.

Vegetables antioxidant

Avoid stress
Stress is difficult to avoid, especially if we live in big cities that busy and jammed. A person who is experiencing stress, the body will release cortisol, a hormone that causes blood vessels become stiff. Norepinephrine hormones will be produced by the body in times of stress which can cause a rise in blood pressure. So avoid stress as possible, be it at work in the office or at the time being at home.

The problem of high blood pressure can also cause heart disease. Hypertension can injure the arterial wall and allows the LDL cholesterol entering the arterial line. This can lead to plaque accumulation.

Being overweight can increase high blood pressure and abnormal fat in the body. Avoiding obesity is the main way to avoid diabetes. Diabetes is known to accelerate the occurrence of coronary heart disease and increase the risk of heart attack.

If someone has a relative, either a parent or sibling who has not aged 60 years, who had suffered a heart attack, they should be more careful in maintaining the diet and lifestyle. Because heart disease can also be caused by heredity factor.


  1. Comment by Amia Dertamuso:

    High blood pressure and diabetes are both leading risk factors for heart attack, stroke and heart disease.

  2. Comment by William H:

    Coronary heart disease is dangerous. We should avoid fatty foods to avoid it.


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