Jet lag means impaired physical conditions that arise due to the long journey, which crosses several time zones. It means the time at the destination of the trip in contrast to time in the place of origin. So when someone has been in the place of destination, the biological condition of the body is still following the time at the place of origin.

Jet lag
Jet lag

Physical condition that less appropriate, usually really feels when the difference between place of origin and destination time are more than 4 hours. Mismatch condition of the body and place will affect the performance of body and mind.

Therefore jet lag must be overcome by adjusting the conditions of the body with a new place. The speed of people to overcome these problems are very different, some are easy and some difficult. But normally jet lag can be overcome within a week. The following tips are intended to help you to overcome jet lag as soon as possible.

Find out the destination time

One of the main keys to overcome the jet lag is to know the time of the destination. Before leaving, estimate the hours and what time when you will arrive at that place. Perform the adjustment by changing the time on your watch according to the local time of destination place. Follow the rhythm of time using a watch since in the plane. So when arrive at destination, your body and mind are easier to adjust.

Sleep on the trip

When travel which is expected to arrive at the destination in the morning or afternoon. Then you should prepare with sleeping or rest as much as possible. Can also add your rest time with sleeping on the plane during the trip. So when arrive at destination in the morning, your body already get enough rest. So your body can immediately adjust to local time, even you can immediately start activity or go to work.

Keep doing activities

Night landing

If you will arrive at destination at night, when the time at your origin should be it’s the day, so do not sleep while on the trip. Keep your eyes wide awake so when landing your body will need rest, which means it matches with the destination time that it’s night. But if it is still difficult to sleep because the condition of your body still follow your home time, force your body to activities such as walking or exercising in the evening. Only then you will be much easier to rest.

Drinking lots of water

Long flight can make body dehydrated and reduced endurance. Plus factor oxygen in the plane that less than in the open air, can make body became weak. To overcome these conditions you should drink plenty of water. Although the result you will often go to the toilet, but it is an effective way to keep the immune system which will greatly affect the speed of body to cope with jet lag.

Set the transit time

To adjust the condition of the body, a long transit time proved to be better than the short transit time. A long transit time allowing the body to relax more and allow the body to adjust gradually, when approaching the destination. Therefore the body better prepared and more fit when it arrived at the destination.

Keep body not tired

Before leaving, the body should be in excellent condition. So try to keep the body with enough rest before travel. The purpose of rest here does not necessarily mean sleep, but the body should be relaxed and not tired with activity before leaving. Excellent body will be better prepared to make adjustments to the destination time, so that jet lag can be overcome more quickly.


  1. Epow

    Nice tips. I often travel to another country… and I hope its can overcome my jet lag

  2. Davion

    In awe of that answer! Really cool tips!

  3. H. Uqtew

    I often go abroad by plane. Thanks for this tips.

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